8: Those Are NOT Cheerleaders!

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Tony PoV

My nephew really can speak in a different language. And Greek, of all possibilities. And his girlfriend can too?

"So you really are bilingual?" I question.

"No shit Sherlock." Percy says.

"So, what were you two talking about?" Natasha asks them.

"How long we have before someone shows up." Percy shrugs.

"Kid, don't worry. This tower is safe. And that's only if they could track my tech, which isn't possible. I made all the stuff here hack-proof." I assure them.

"Doesn't matter if it's hack proof. They can tell when we use tech. Internet is especially bad." Annabeth says.

"And I was using both for a long time, so we're kinda super-dead." Percy adds.

"Very funny." I wave them off.

"Um, we should probably go." Percy says.

"What on Earth do you mean? I thought we established that you weren't leaving." I demand.

"Look, Mother Gothel, I appreciate that you don't want to give me to your boss, but I'd rather be a prisoner than food." Percy says, inching out of the room.

"Food?" Clint says.

"Oh, I said that? Well, what comes after us would love to make us their personal chew toy."

"I want to know what that means, but I also don't think I wanna know." Clint voices.

"Sir, there is a disturbance on the eleventh floor." JARVIS announces.

"Pull up the security camera." I command.

I can't quite wrap my mind around what I'm seeing. "Why are there angry cheerleaders in my tower?"

The others look just as puzzled as I am, except for Percy and Annabeth. Clint, however looks absolutely terrified.

"What the fuck are those?!" He screeches.

"You can see?" Annabeth asks.

"I can see something absolutely NOT REAL if that's what you're asking me!" Clint continues to screech.

"Dude, what are you on about?" I ask him.

"Them!" He points an accusatory finger at the cheerleaders.

"Stop hating on the cheerleaders, birdbrain." I chide.

"Those are NOT cheerleaders!"

"Have you never seen a cheerleader before, Clint?" I tease.

I mean, what the hell, right? He's being super rude.

"Okay. I'm going to go take care of them. Wise Girl, keep them here for me?" Percy says.

"You got it." Annabeth nods. "Don't get yourself killed."

"It's gonna take more than them to get me." Percy smirked, before leaving the room.

"Wait, where's he going?" Steve asks.

"To deal with your 'Cheerleaders'." Annabeth says.

"We've got security to do that." Natasha states.

"No offense, but this is way out of their league." Annabeth says.

"You'd be surprised by what my security has had to handle." I shudder.

Fans. Crazy fans. Harder to deal with than aliens. Partly because you can't use lethal force. Partly because fans are just plain and simple crazy.

"Clint, would you mind telling your friends what you are seeing?" Annabeth smiles, her face annoyed.

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