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Keira was hunting for her mother.

She couldn't just get away with what she had done. Keira wouldn't let her. She should have listened to Hannah. She should have let her mother go. But she just couldn't! She just couldn't believe that someone who was supposed to love her, betrayed her the most. Her blind faith in her mother was what caused her to lose the only person who truly cared for her. Who she truly had.

Hannah's death was on Keira...

She couldn't avoid that anymore. 

"It's not your fault..." Something in her ears whispered. Lies. Even if she cared to forget, the blood on her hands would always remind her just what she lost. 

And for that reason, her mother had to pay. Funny thing was, Keira didn't even care what she was doing. Pain crept into her heart, a lump in her throat scratched at each step she took. Her legs wanted to give out on her as she dragged herself, wiling not to look back. Maybe she was calling her energy to help her or maybe she was becoming truly insane. Every moment she left Hannah's dead body in that warehouse, that every piece of her heart was breaking. Somehow as she passed the road, a deadly fire started to ignite.

"Help! Help us! Fire!"

Ha! Isn't that how she screamed months ago when no one helped her? When everyone tossed her away in the name of a prophecy? Today everyone will pay. Every soul will burn. She would make sure of that.


She was just so angry. Her whole body burned with the taste of revenge as she looked out for her mother. By now the fire spread to the woods where that traitor might be residing. But Keira didn't care.

Let them burn. If she's trapped, let her suffer. Keira could hear the scream people were making on the roads. How could they not? They were getting the same punishment they deserved. They were burning along with her mother and the brought her such satisfaction that she didn't even realize someone wrapping their hands around her from behind.

"Hey, I was about to call you. You still mad at me?" 

Hearing a sudden shaky voice, she turned around to see a man staring at her with a worried frown. Through the hazy flame, his hair looked shaggy like sun-kissed. Keira's borrow furrowed the more she watched the new man. Similarly, His blue eyes seemed to refrain from gazing at her's own. He looked closer to her age but she wasn't a fool to believe that it wasn't a trap. Who was he though?

A man from her clan?

Or someone she knew back at the shop? She tried to remember but her mind refused to show if she knew him or not. 

Before she could push him away, he leaned forward, his hands touching her falling strands. His voice was still shaky as he continued. "When did you cut your hair? And red? You hate red since-since she died."

Who was he talking to? Did he recognize her from the Red clan? 

"G-Get away." God, why was it so hard for her to let out words? "I don't-"

Again he cut her off with a sigh. "What are you doing here? We were supposed to meet at your house."

They weren't.

Keira didn't know him.

She couldn't think...

Finally, she snapped pushing him away. "Leave me alone! I don't know you."

Something flashed in his eyes. Before she could wonder what it was, he grabbed her hands even tighter, trying to tag her along with him. "I know you're in shock but I need to tell you something important about Roth. But first, we have to get out of here. The fire has spread into your house. It's not safe to stay here anymore."

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