Chapter 31

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Ayesha's POV

" Neil, are you here ??" I asked looking for him here and there.

" No love.. " He said confidently.

" Are you stalking me?? " I asked.

" No love..." He again said the same answer.

" How do you that I am here?? Listen if you are stalking me then trust me you won't like the consequences !!" I said in a cold voice.

" Threatening, are we ?? Angel, remember my bodyguard who stopped you to enter my mansion the other night ??" He asked.

" Yes.. I do. He's a saduu.. " I said. Neil chuckled hearing me.

" Yeah.. That saduu only. He actually saw you there in the market. He had also gone to the same market to purchase some items for this wife.
He saw you there and informed me. " He explained.

" Well, that's quite creepy... But then I am fine with it as he called me as his sister the other day. " I said.

" He made you his sister. Good !!" He said sighing.

" What's good ?? " I asked confused.

" That you are his sister.. You know you are the sister of every human male being on this Earth except me. " He said. I sighed and shook my head.

" I know... Well, I guess that you are free now. After all, you are talking to me so freely in your office hours. " I said looking at my watch.

" Yeah.. I just watched out a construction site. I have no work now so you can say that I am free. Do you want to meet me?? " He asked.

" Yes but I am here busy in the market. " I said cursing my fate.

" No worries.. We can meet in the evening. "He said.

" What ?? Hell no !! " I shouted.

" I have lots of pending work of college. See, I have to do them in evening. If you want to meet me then meet me now itself. " I said.

" Okk.. Come to the Blue Ocean Mall in next 1 hour. " He said.

I know what he's thinking. It's his mall. He owns it...

I am damn sure that if I go there now then he will end up buying the entire mall for me. It has happened once before also. I don't want to spend his money before marriage.

It's not correct.

" Neil, I have a long list of things to buy. I can't come there even after 1 hour. So if you want you can come here. " I said.

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