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-This is a work of fan fiction of members from BTS

-This story is for entertainment only

-Will contain the following: Violence, gore, triggering topics and foul language

In case to clear up any confusion, I will be editing the members ages and personalities (slightly) to suit the story. 

They weren't human. They were monsters. Bred to fight and kill without mercy.

So how do they feel about having a female master?


The Weeknd - High for this

Craig David - I know you

BTS V - Singularity 

Tash Sultana - Jungle

Camila Cabello & Grey - Crown

New Order - Blue Monday

Ty Dolla $ign & Future - Darkside 

Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha - Home

BTS - Not today

BTS Jimin - Lie

BTS V & Jin - Even if I die

BTS - Outro Tear

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Mar. 20. 2019

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