A Witch in Pokémon - Season 1; Chapter 6

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After the tournament, there was a large party held in congratulations for Bloom winning the tournament.

Bloom nervously stood on stage as Queen Ilene walked towards her with a staff in her arms.

From the crystal of the staff, Bloom could sense something... powerful and alive.

"This is the staff of the Guardian that once belonged to the great Sir Aaron," Queen Ilene revealed. "In tradition to our contest, the winner of the tournament is named Aura Guardian of the Year and is presented with this staff."

"Incredible..." Bloom said in awe.

"Absol," the Dark Type looked at the staff with wonder.

"On behalf of my kingdom, this staff is yours for the duration of your stay here," said Queen Ilene.

"I'm honored your majesty," Bloom bowed with Absol copying her actions while Bloom was graciously gifted with the staff.


As Queen Ilene went to announce the start of the ball, Bloom looked at the crystal intently.

"Is something wrong, Bloom?" Steven asked as he walked over.

"This staff... no, this crystal... there's something sealed inside of it," Bloom informed, fully concentrated at the subject of her confusion as she furrowed her brows.

"Something sealed?" Steven repeated questioningly.

Bloom probed the crystal with her magic and could definitely feel a pulse of life inside. She felt anger, resentment, betrayal, and sadness, so she tried to sooth its desolate emotions.

"Whatever or whoever is sealed in here is... angry and bitter. It feels sad and betrayed... I wonder what could have happened?" Bloom wondered worriedly.

Steven wrapped an arm around his friend in comfort. Throughout their time together, they have been growing closer and closer as time passed— he dare says they could almost see each other as best friends.

"Hey Bloom, can you believe that staff actually belongs to Sir Aaron?" Tommy was full of excitement as he walked up to her.

"I can't believe it either..." Bloom shared a glance with Steven.

Steven, on the other hand, was pretty freaked out by the portrait of Sir Aaron overall. The man looked just like a friend of his named Riley, who he himself was studying to become an Aura Guardian. Riley was a young man who studied a bit under Steven's tutelage since the former wanted to specialize in Steel Types like the Champion.


As the dancing began, Bloom and Tommy let out all almost all of their pokemon, besides Bloom's Latios. If word spread that Bloom has a legendary in her hands, who knows what chaos would ensue on her. Metagross and Skarmory were a bit too big so Steven opted to keep them in their balls for now. As Steven invited a lady to dance with him, the man he saw his friend with earlier caught his attention as he headed towards Bloom's direction.

"May I ask the Guardian for a dance," Louis asked gallantly, as should a royal prince possess, appealing to the Queen's maid at Bloom's side while the royal entourage was stunned to the point that they were lost for words. Did someone kidnapped the cold and indifferent prince and replaced him with this charming guy?

Bloom was supposed to keep watch over the party as a dignified observer but Louis' charm almost instantly allowed the maid to be swayed for just one dance. But just before Bloom could put her staff down, she felt the emotions she felt from before reappear stronger.

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