I'm Not Telling You!

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»Michael's POV«

I sit at the table next to Jeremy, who got here before me. His classes are closer to the cafeteria than mine. He smiled at me,

     "What's goodie in the hoodie?"

     "Eh, teacher had to talk to me about being distracted," I shrug.

     "Damn dude, what'd she say?"

     "Not much, just that I've been distracted and she's worried about me or something like that," I try to recall our conversation.

     "She's right, dude," he shrugs, taking a bite of the sandwich he packed himself.

     "Maybe in class but not around you," I watch him eat, I never have enough time to make my lunch and breakfast, and I'm too lazy to get my own, so I just starve until I get home. If I'm lucky Jeremy will remember to bring me a second sandwich. That's one thing about him I love about him, he cares. About me.

     "Whenever we hang out you stare into space every 2 seconds!" He laughed.

     "I do not!" I scoffed/laughed.

     "Oh, yes you do!" He laughed.

     "Okay fine, maybe I do," I chuckle.

     "Sometimes I want to know what's on you mind when that happens," he smirks, "is it your crush?"


     "What, no!" That was a big ass lie.

     "That was a big ass lie," Jeremy took the words right out of my head, "What? You think after 12 years of friendship I wouldn't know?"


     "Who is it?" He smirks.

     "It's no one," I feel my face heat up a little.

     "Brooke? Oh, wait, you're gay, is it Rich?" He asked. Got one thing right.

     "What? No!"

     "What would your ship name be??" He thinks out loud, going through various different names.

     "Jer, it's not Rich!" I protest.

"Kay, who is it?"

"I'm not telling you."

"Please? I told you mine!"

"No you didn't, the weird love letters you wrote to her fell out of your backpack and I picked them up and saw they were for Christine."

"Well, I didn't deny the fact I wrote them!"

"Yes you did, you said I wrote them, then I reminded you I'm gay and it had your name in ink."

"Damn it, I thought you would forget." He looks down in defeat.

"Please tell me!" He asked. Right when I was about to open my mouth to protest again, the bell rang. Saved by the bell I guess.

He sighed sadly and got up. We did our handshake and went our separate ways.

"Don't think I'm dismissing your crush!" He shouts.

"Fuck you!" I replied. God I love that boy.

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