1. Hades Forbid!

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Hi guys! I don't know why I'm starting a new story, but this seemed cool and I've read a lot of these god highschool stories, but trust me when I say this at least a little different. So, thanks for reading this story. I don't own the Greek Gods.


It was the Winter Solstice and Athena and Poseidon weren't here.

This was nothing of juiciness to the other gods, but Aphrodite was thrilled. Maybe Poseidon had whisked Athena to a romantic vacation and no one else knew and he'd ditched his wife- What was her name? Amber? Oh right, Amphridite.

A loud boom caused even Aphrodite to realize that was not the case.

A hurricane formed out of thin air that obviously Poseidon was making. It was a very dark blue, so Aphrodite guessed that meant he was angry. The swirling went on for a while, until Poseidon and Athena both materialized.

Zeus raised an eyebrow as Aphrodite squealed. Could her dream come true? Okay, Percy and Annabeth were together, and now that she had busied herself with with her daughter's relationships- for example, Piper and Jason- she had decided happily that their parents had just as much chemistry. Although, Aphrodite desperately needed them to get together, she was content with the sexual tension. Operation Pothena? Aphrodite nodded. Operation Pothena was perfect.

Ares looked bored, Apollo wasn't really paying attention, but the other gods leaned forward in curiosity or disgust, but no one seemed to think anything romantic was involved. Except Aphrodite, but although she could feel emotions, she detected no kissing, or PDA. Aphrodite sighed unhappily. What took them so long? If only Athena gave some interest in boys.

Athena and Poseidon were very furious. Even a bystander could see that.


"SEAWEED BRAIN!" At this Aphrodite grinned. So she was using Annabeth's nickname, now, huh?

"WISE GIRL!" It took all Aphrodite's willpower not to faint. That just proved their love!



"Aren't they ridiculous?" Ares whispered to her.

Aphrodite was almost as furious as Athena and Poseidon, even if she liked Ares. "NO THEY AREN'T!"

It was then that she realized a fight was breaking down between Artemis and Apollo, herself and Ares and Athena and Poseidon. Aphrodite was shocked. What had she missed?

"ENOUGH!" Zeus roared, and the single word was enough to impact the world. Everyone was silent. He rubbed his temples. "What is wrong with you gods? The war is all over! We have no reason for war among ourselves! Artemis. Apollo. Athena. Poseidon. Ares. Aphrodite. I am very disappointed in how you have treated yourselves. And your punishment is you shall to go live as mortals. I have already made arrangments."

They all gasped, and Aphrodite fainted, but Ares was able to catch her. "Hades forbid!" Artemis exclaimed.

Hades in question looked offended. "I shall have you know, I agree with Zeus completely. You six need to be punished. Yes, we fight, but you fight the most."

The other gods nodded in agreement.

Hestia sensed an argument, so she raised a hand. "Young gods," Hestia spoke quietly, "the descison seems to be made." She glanced at Zeus for confirmation,who nodded, and then everything was dark.


Aphrodite didn't mind terribly.

The first thing she did when she woke on a cold floor was check her reflection. "Hades forbid I'm," she shuddered, "ugly." She glanced at the mirror and nodded. Her hair was in ringlets and was a lovely golden colour. Her eyes were umber, and she was wearing a not-hideous sundress. She couldn't call it pretty; however it was not bad.

The others were still asleep, so she decided to look.

Athena looked pretty normal, but her hair was darker. It was in a ponytail, while she was wearing a grey V-neck and some dark-wash jeans. Aphrodite sighed and snapped her fingers so that Athena was wearing a pretty necklace and some stylish boots. Better then nothing. Anyway, she was super cute.

Poseidon was a different case entirely. His hair sticked up and was gelled. His eyes were the exact sea green. He was wearing a simple white T-shirt which hugged to his chest so well, Aphrodite thought he was okay. He looked cute, too. But she had to change those hideous shoes.

Ares was wearing a black leather jacket and jeans. Aphrodite swooned. H-O-T. Good-looking. Handsome.

Before she had a heart attack, Aphrodite moved on to Artemis. At this, Aphrodite sighed. Artemis really was a hopeless case. Still... Aphrodite decided to make her wear a sparkly red dress that went well with her caramel skin and exotic hair. Her red sneakers were still intact and wore no jewelry.

Would Artemis get her for this?

No question.

Would she suffer some horrible things?


Aphrodite decided not to dwell on it, and passed over Apollo-who, let's face it, is sort of cute.


Aphrodite turned to find Athena-who didn't exactly look like Athena, but still was. "YOU'RE SUPER

HOT!!!!!" she gushed.

Athena scowled. "You were observing me."

Aphrodite frowned. "How did you know that?"

Before Athena could answer, everyone had woken up.

Quickly, Aphrodite exclaimed how uber-hot Ares was-which added to his ego, but was true-how cute Poseidon and Apollo looked-which added to their ego as well, but was also true-how more then supermodel-worthy she herself was and how adorable Athena was. "Artemis looks just delightful," she added wryly.

Artemis had this dangerous look in her eye-the kind that would make Thalia Grace run, which frightened Aphrodite a lot, but she was determined not to show it.

"Aphrodite," Artemis warned, looking very scary, terrifying, horrid...

"Hey, sis! I love that colour on you!" Apollo announced, not looking fazed by his very, very terrifying sister.

Artemis turned her scowling features to Apollo. "Don't call me sis!" she snapped.

Everyone was obviously annoyed with this same argument, so Poseidon stepped in. Artemis was dangerous, but Poseidon was quite powerful.

Artemis and Apollo quieted instantly, which no one seemed to like, as it was nothing like them, but perhaps they both knew just how angry Poseidon was at the king of gods.

Athena cleared her throat, and if she didn't hate Poseidon, she might've mouthed thank you. "Considering the situation we're trapped in, it would not be wise to keep our names. It may rise suspicions. Continuing on, first, I propose some names," -this meant these were their names and there was no question-,"Sofia for me; Bella as Aphrodite; Luna as Artemis."

Aphrodite was okay with her name, but, privatly decided it would stand for Bellarose. Artemis's clouding expression started to clear a little.

"River as Poseidon; Archer as Apollo; Dustin as Ares." Poseidon looked happy with his choice. Apollo gave a big whoop and Artemis pulled him down. Ares raised an eyebrow.

"Another thing people will wonder about is why we don't have a guardian," Athena continued, "even though we're eighteen, we can't stroll around without someone else. Of course, it will be hard to remember our names, but they do mean: wisdom, beauty, and Artemis's doesn't quite mean anything, but it is a boy kind of name so she should remember it. We have sea, arching, and Dustin does mean warrior, Ares. We probably will have trouble calling ourselves by our names, so we practice right now. And, I do know almost everything, but, I do not know where we are."

And that was that. They were stuck here and Athena's way-too long speech had confirmed it.

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