ii. the television

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Scarlett POV

"You smile, but you wanna cry. You talk, but you wanna be quiet. You pretend like you're happy, but you aren't."

The light breeze whipped through my hair while I sat near the window sill, a book clutched in my hands. This is what I love about LA. It's climate. I was completely lost in the fantasy, my eyes fixed on the current page.

The wind brought many memories to flow through my mind. 'Dad' was the word that snatched my attention away from the book. I like to read so much, just like him. He took me to the world of imagination. Just the thought of him made my eyes feel heavy. My dad, was a soldier who worked at Fort Irwin Army Base in Barstow. The word was echoed inside my head. A tear escaped my eye. I quickly whipped it off. He doesn't like me crying. I shouldn't make him sad. I told myself.

"Scarlett, come down. Lunch's ready" the voice I hated the most and I always will boomed across the sober house.

I closed the book and left it on my bed. I tied my loose hair into a high ponytail and dragged myself downstairs towards the dining area. There sat my aunt already eating, her eyes fixed on the television screen. She is my dad's younger sister and I am stuck with her in my home because my Mom works at the Weed Army Community hospital in Fort Irwin. She is an army doctor and nothing could scare me more at the instant than her profession, after dad's death.

Without paying anymore attention to June I sat down away from her and picked up my fork. She didn't even noticed me. We both have a rare aunt-niece relationship. She hates me and I hate her more. Yet she takes the responsibility of me. I am not much old to know anything about this but I think her interest is in wealth.

The TV was still running displaying the news. I was cleaning the table when the news reporter raid something which took me off guard.

"Breaking news- North Korea's attack on Fort Irwin Army Base in Barstow, CA. News in detail- Army Base and WACH at Fort Irwin was attacked by North Korea, today at noon. The explosion at Fort Irwin killed over more than 200 people which includes army soldiers, doctors and citizens. From what information we have got none inside the base and hospital had managed to survive. US is in apprehension of whether this will lead to a war. It is Monica Winchester, BBC news."

The news repeated inside my mind again and again. I was not reaaady to accept this. Not now. The only person I loved, I had in this world was mother. She can't just leave me. My vision started to become blurry.

I was angry. Angry at my Mom, for not listening to me. I had begged her not to leave. I was angry at me, for letting her go. I was angry at everything. I couldn't take it anymore. The room started to shake as if like an earthquake. Later I realised it was me who was shaking convulsively. Pain stabbing in my heart. I felt an urge to be gone, to just disappear and be with my parents again.

Abruptly something changed. Something exploded inside me, starting to spread across. A feeling I have never felt in my life. I could no longer hear my aunt yelling my name from the kitchen.

Yet I didn't felt scared. I felt empty. Like all my human emotions was squeezed out of me. I closed my eyes, waiting...

It felt weird. I don't know what I am waiting for.

Suddenly it hit me. The familiar warm wind. I didn't need to open my eyes for certainty. I knew where I was.I opened my eyes to gaze over the vast seas that spread infront of me.

I didn't give a second thought on how I reached here. Or better to say I didn't care. I was mesmerized by the beach which held my childhood memories with my parents. We used to come here often since it is not much far from home. I loved playing in water. I watched the clam sea. This moment couldn't get any better if they were with me.

Just a wish. A wish that could not come true anymore. Then it occurred to me. I have no one. No one to love me or care for me. No one for me to love. Why does everyone I love leave me behind. Why should I feel this pain again. It's better not to love anyone if this is what I am fated for.

The waves started to hit the shore harshly showing the level of my rage. I started walking away. I felt like if I spent one more second more standing here I will hate this place. I turned around heading for home.

On half way home a car came to a hault beside me. The door opened and June came out.

"Scarlett! Where did you go? I was so worried." She gasped.
You are a bad actor June.

"What are you doing here June?" I asked coldly climbing onto the passenger seat.

"What do you mean what I am doing? I was looking for you. You just disappeared from home and here you are " she said climbing back into the car, starting the engine.

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