Chapter 32 *[Minor Warning]*

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This might be messed up idk. Damn word not working. but here, havent typed in awhile cause i was stuck on this part.


Pic of an....pretty wolf in snow~

*o.o a lil smut up ahead....*

A low growl escaped my lips in anger as I rolled over shoving my face into the pillow. Austin seemed to be upset for me getting angry but.. ugh!! It was so stupid!

Don't get me wrong, the little make out session was amazing! And not only amazing it caused not only my tail to become excited, but a piece of something else. Austin knew this so he decided we should stop kissing for that amount of time, which upset me A LOT. It was all this damn mate mark fault. If it wasn't here I bet he would have continued.

"Chance." He sighed sitting down beside me and rubbed my back with his warm palm. "You know we can't got any farther."

"We can try..." I mumbled into the cotton pillow.

"That'll be going against the mating law-"

"So!?!? Why can't we just try?"

Again a sigh escaped him, "because the laws-"

"Can we just try.. once? Pleaaaasssseee?" I was sitting next to Austin now hoping he'll agree to do so. And when he had sighed looking away, I knew I had won this argument. Without words Austin moved from sitting on his knees as I scooted back waiting. He faced me licking his lips while in the process of pulling me closer to him. Leaning over his soft warm pink lips brushed against mine which I greedily took and press forward. Chuckling he kissed me, sustaining my greedy needs. His lips moved against my jaw line, following down to my neck with caused me to pout. I wanted to taste him inside of me, at least for awhile longer. 

I shivered feeling his tongue guide his way down my chest, followed by a kiss every time he stopped. This was not the definition I had of mating, but I couldn't complain. Quickly he removed the cloth that was tied around my waist hiding my flesh. His hands cupped my waist line pulling me down a little more before I felt the warmth of his lips brush against my member. His thumb brushed over my tip, not just teasing me but also his tongue gliding down my shaft giving me an small amount of pleasure. Finally he consumed it all causing me to groan out loud.  A instant amount of pleasure flew through me as he quicken his pace a bit, his hand gripped underneath moving along me as well. 

Impatiently, I felt myself press upward, pushing my hips to him. Gripping my waist tighter he shoved me back down, causing my back to lay flat against the bed once again. Moaning, he continued to hold me down to the bed, not allowing me to arch towards him. I could feel my erection throb with a painful desire causing me to moan more as Austin covered me completely. My eyes started to sting with tears, not because of anything bad, but just because my body temperature was increasing rapidly. My tail, it beat against the bed pleading for more. 

Sadly, Austin moved up, leaving the cold breeze to blow against my throbbing wet erection. I groaned wiping my eyes as he glanced down at me questioningly. "Why do you keep doing that..?"

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