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Here we go

On the first of October, 1989. 43 women around the world gave birth to children But it was unusual. Because none of those women were pregnant earlier that day. Sir Reginald Hargreeves, eccentric billionaire, and adventurer, resolved to locate and adopt as many as possible.
He adopted eight.

2001 age 11....

8's POV

I am at the moment in training with Five and Klaus. Five was trying to teach me to space jump, while Klaus was popping pills. Again.

"C'mon 8. You can do this.." Five encouraged me. I close my eyes and focused. I could then feel a weird force around me. I open my eyes to see that I'm now standing next to Five.
"I did it!?" I cheered, happy that I finally got the hang if it. We both hugged out of excitement, but forgot Klaus's presence.
"Awwwww.... So cute." He coo'ed.
"Shut up Klaus!" Five fired, obviously embarrassed. I just stared at my feet with my cheeks heating up. "C'mon eight. Let's keep practicing. Cause tomorrow your with six." I nod and we keep practicing.

After an hour of training we are released by 'father' and make our way to our rooms, to change into our proper uniforms. After changing I hear a knock and say, "Come in."
Everyone enters my room. Everyone except seven.

She doesn't join us much, because of her being powerless. Thanks to that, she is basically an outsider. Five and I are her best friends, but I'm more closer to her. All she wants is to fit in. But it seems rough, with people pushing her away. So whenever she is by her self in her room, she is practicing her violin.

Anyways, everyone but seven enters. Five lays on my bed, Luther sits in my office chair, Diego sits next to me on my right, Allison sits on my carpet with Ben and Klaus sits on my left. We chat and talk about missions, and our powers. We even demonstrate them. After about 35 minutes the bell rings, signalling us for lunch. Yay! Not.

We make it to our seats in silence. I'm standing by five, waiting to be told to sit. After 'father' let's us sit, we begin to eat. Five and I ate faster than the others so we can talk. Not a loud of course, since its a rule to not talk during meal times. But I have a power that let's me and another person in our minds, just by me holding onto them. Five and I have been doing this ever since I have mastered this power.

I grab five's wrist and we began talking.
"Nice training today. You did great." Five complimented.
"Well that's because I have a great coach, teaching me."
"Stahhhp it."
We both giggle in our heads.
"Hey eight."
"How does it feel?.... To have multiple powers at once."
"Honestly, its difficult. And a definite struggle. But the more I get help, the easier it is to control. Sure its cool at times. But it's honestly tricky from time to time. Nearly every month or week, I get a new ability. Its another thing I gotta work on. Sometimes I get scared, every time I get a new ability, because I think in gonna hurt someone badly if I can't control it. Sometimes my abilities control me, and I try my hardest to stay strong. But I don't know how long I can keep it up." I explain, with water glazing my (e/c) eyes.
"I'm sorry you felt that way." He apologies, with sympathy in his eyes.
"Don't be sorry. Just as long as I get help, I should be fine." I stare back at him.
"OK. But just know this. I'll be here for you. 24/7." He gave me an assuring look. I nod and smile.

"You all may be excused." Said dad.
We all left our chairs in a rush like usual, and race to our rooms. I sat at my desk, practicing my transformation powers. I transformed my pen into a miniature, living puppy. He was about the size of 2 inches. I pat his head and decided to call him zero. Not long later, Diego and Five came into my room.

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