••Why Me??•• ~ chapter 2

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Ok this is for jazzyphae since she likes it already sorry it's short but I'm trying Kay hope you like it ;D here's chapter 2

••Why me??••

We were standing as tall as we could, completely nude. There was nothing to hide from the beautiful blonde vampire. Who ever she picked would become her slave for as long as she wanted us to be. "Sit!" she commanded and down we all sat. But what you don't know is that when we sit and have no clothes on we have to spread our legs. I hate it, we are just sex objects that follow every order that is given. It has been proven that you fall in love with your master but Im not sure if that could happen. So here I am sitting like a little whore with my legs spread open while she is looking at us with a sheet ready to pick one of us. The sheet has all of our names and pictures of us. "Cassey, Breanna, Ava, and Mia. The rest of you may exit, the ones that stay just stand." I watched in jelousy as everyone but me and a few others left the room. Than she said something I really wasn't expecting at all. "hmm... I change my mind, everyone but Breanna leave the room." I stood with my mouth wide open why is this happening to me? Why me?? "I'm no man Breanna I don't like mouths open so close it." I shut my mouth and nodded. "I want you in doggie postion now!" I got down on my hands and knees and turned 360 degrees for her. Than she asked how much I was. Oh great she is going to buy me now. Don't get me wrong she is way gorgeous but I don't want to leave here I like this place it's better than having a master. "17,000" the owner said. The owner was kind of weird she has always had a crush on this girl named Jenna. At night she would come into the room that I shared and sneak Jenna out. I was snapped out of my thoughts when a cold hand slapped the side of my face. I wimpered but held my mouth shut so it didn't happen again. I was pulled off the ground and held by the women that just bought me. I felt a strong wind hit my face but it was gone quickly, I opended my eyes and was sitting on her lap in a limo. She spun me around so my legs were on both sides of her. Than her lips crashed down on mine as she kissed me slowly.

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