Chapter Five: Can You Hear Me?

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Sunday came and went, Tony had to postpone Peter's first training session until some unnamed date. I filled Tony in on what happened with Julian and tried to give him information on the organisation known as Legion. Most of my memories of that place were locked away and I was worried that all the pain would come flooding back if said too much.

And to make it worse, even though I had completed my mission of befriending Peter Parker and bringing him into the Avengers Tower to officially begin his training, apparently I still had to attend school. Yay.

Don't get me wrong, I love going to school with Ned and MJ and Peter. What I hated was getting up early. Some people--Steve--would disagree and say that it wasn't that early. But hey, if seven-thirty wasn't the crack of dawn, what is?

School began at around eight-thirty to nine-ish. I get ready fairly quickly, usually finishing my breakfast by eight o'clock. I'm out the door by ten past and walk to Peter's house. We get to school five minutes before the bell is due to ring and meet MJ and Ned in front of our lockers.

I excuse myself because my locker is at the other end of the hall, a result of my late enrolment. The lockers next to mine are empty, or so I thought. Just as I shut my locker, I hear the Principal walking towards me, talking with someone.

I turn around and greet the Principal politely but I choke when I see who's standing next to him. 'Julian,' I gasp quietly.

His eyes brighten and a smirk creeps onto his lips. 'Kaya,' he says slowly, deliberately. 'I didn't know you went here?'


I glare up at him, not saying anything because if I do the Principal would be inclined to give me detention.

'Kaya, have you already met Julian?' he asks.

I nod slightly, leashing my temper. 'Yes, we've met,'

The Principal notices the tension between us and so he turns to Julian. 'Maybe we can find you another locker,' he says.

Julian drags his eyes away from me to look at the Principal. 'No, it's okay,' he looks back to me. 'I'm sure we can be mature about this, can't we?'

There's really only one answer... that I can say out loud in front of the Principal anyway

'Yes, I'm sure we can,'

Julian smirked at me behind the Principal's back. 'Oh, and Kaya, because you and Julian were both late enrolments, you have all the same classes,'


The Principal gave us each an encouraging smile before leaving us alone. I hurried away as soon as I could, eager to get back to Peter, Ned and MJ. But, Julian grabbed my wrist. I scrunched my face up as I turned around to face him.

'What do you want?' I asked, drained of energy just from saying those words to him.

Hurt flickered through his eyes, quickly covered up by a cocky grin. 'I don't know where our first class is,' he said but I interrupted him before he could say more.

'I know where you're going with this, Julian, and I think that you can figure it out on your own,'

His lips quirk and I feel his fingers unclasp around my wrist. My first class is English with MJ and Ned and when I get to the classroom, all the seats are taken except for two; one between Ned and MJ and the other behind it.

I rush to the seat between my friends, knowing that Julian will be seated behind me. For the first ten minutes of the lesson, though, he's nowhere to be seen until he bursts through the door. His messy blonde curls are falling in his eyes and his cheeks are red from running. In a second, he gathers himself, turning into that cocky, confident but polite boy that everyone loves. 

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