One Shot

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One Shot

Zoey Willow Hunter

-   -   -   -   -   -

I took one last look into the mirror as I smoothed my hands over the soft material. The light pink dress fit perfectly to my soft curves. My hair cascaded over my shoulders in a curly waterfall. There was a small stream of sunlight coming in through my open window, making my eyes look a pale green and blue color.

I jumped as my phone clattered against my wooden night stand, signifying a new message. My fingers naturally put in the passcode and went straight to the messages. A smile plastered across my face as I read the small text

"I'll be there in 10. Be ready beautiful (:"

My heart seemed to beat faster as I received the message from Nico. I slipped my black flats on and carefully walked down the stairs, trying not to fall. A few minutes went by and a soft knock was heard on the door.

"Have fun, Honey!" my mom exclaimed as I walked out onto the cement porch.

My breath got caught in my throat as I looked up at Nico. His light brown hair brightened as the sun hit it and so did his eyes. His eyes turned the color of an emerald as he looked down on my small frame. He wore a black suit that fit him perfectly. After I admired him for a small moment I felt a hand grab mine.

"This way beautiful," Nico said in a soft tone as he guided me to a car.

Nico opened my door and I climbed in, him climbing in after me. A boy who I didn't recognize sat in the drivers seat. He introduced himself as West, one of Nico's old friends. The ride was short and quiet as the car turned on the roads. To my surprise we arrived at a small park. A table was set up and two chairs next to it. A small pond was positioned perfectly by the table. Nico quickly got out and opened up my door.

"This way ma'lady," he said in a funny accent as he gestured his hands towards the table.

I stiffled a giggle as I took his hand and stepped from the car. We made our way over to the neatly set up table. One red rose was placed in a vase in the center of the table. I sat on the right side of the table across from Nico. West came over and put two plates of food carefully in front of us. The plates were filled with curly spaghetti and a red sauce. Another plate of bread sticks was placed on the table. I was amazed at what my date had set up.

"Where did you get the food?" I asked Nico as I twirled spaghetti onto my fork.

"West picked up our food from the Italian restaurant down the road." Nico replied as he did the same.

He explained how hard it was to keep this a secret and get everything set up as we finished our food. West got out a bag and handed it to Nico. Nico pulled out a soft light blue blanket and spread it across the grass next to the pond. By now the sun had set beneath the sky and the moon provided our light. The stars glistened like little diamonds placed into the sky. I took a place on the fabric next to the boy who had planned this date out.

We layed under the stars as the night passed on. Warmth radiated off of him. At some point I stopped watching the stars and started to watch my boyfriend. It felt strange calling him that, but I liked it. He looked beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful. Nico got up off of the blanket and went to the car. He came back wearing a pair of black joggers and a grey sweat shirt. He still looked beautiful. He took his place back on the blanket and pulled out a small mp3 player. He got one side of the ear buds and I got the other. Ed Sheeran lyrics were the last thing I remember hearing before I fell asleep.

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

My eyes slowly came open as I yawned. I felt like I was being carried. I momentarily started to panic before I heard a familiar voice.

"It's ok, Zoey. It's just me," Nico said as he put me down on the couch. I sat up and wiped my eyes as I looked around.

"How did you get in?" I asked slowly as I turned the TV on.

"Your mom called and told me where she left the key," he explained as he sat on the other end of the sofa.

We just sat in silence. I cuddled into his side and he put his arm around me. We watched Frozen and The Nut Job, my two favorite kid movies. This, by far, was the best date ever.

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

So I know i'm not the best writer but..... (: I tried my best. I really hope you guys like my one shot and maybe you could go check out my story (: I just love Yasmin's work, it's really inspiring (: my favorite is A Unique Kind of Love (: so vote and comment on this story and maybe go check out my other story!! (: thanks!!!

-Heaven (:

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