Author's Note

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Hey guys :) So before you start the story, I just wanna apologize in advance if my writing isn't as great. I know I'm a good writer but with this story it's different. I'm trying out a new genre, which is horror and with it I need the reader to actually "feel" what's going on... Basically my goal is to scare you :P I don't really watch horror films so I wouldn't have such great ideas but I have tried to come up with things which will hopefully spook you guys. I'm gonna try my best and hardest to write this story as great as possible to give the whole effect. I mean if I was able to make readers cry with TSCL maybe I'll have a chance with this one? So thank you so much if you're actually gonna give this story a read and please be patient.

Above the trailer is posted and you should totally check it out because it was done so well! :D

Hope you guys enjoy 12:05, I have some crazy shit planned ;) Happy reading!

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