Cover #20

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This cover is for JadeHero330

Description: The main character is a dark blonde, verging on brown so a girl with brown or blonde hair will work. She's nineteen. So maybe you could do a girl standing beneath a full moon or a girl reaching for the moon. Just something that relates subtly to werewolves (so like a moon or a girl with glowing eyes). Or if you prefer to try something harder, you could have two guys standing behind the girl to represent the fact that she has to choose. If you do that though, I'd prefer the guys were only silhouettes so the focus is not on them, but on her. Also, it just leaves their appearance up to the imagination.

But again, these are just ideas. You can do something completely different.

MOOD: Humor/Werewolf/dramatic

COLORS YOU'D LIKE: anything dark; maybe reds and blues, but again, I'm not going to be picky.

OTHER: If it helps with ideas, this is what I have now and I'd like something similar-ish; the same idea.

Awwthentic Note: I made several covers for her, trying out all the ideas that might go with the plot, but this was what I liked most so I'm putting it up here. 

Feedback, Please. :)


Dated: 13/09/2014

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