Chapter 11: Nalu?

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Lucy's P.O.V

School just got out so I'm heading home. Natsu looked so happy at lunch today. I'm glad my friends actually talked to him. Once we started talking it wasn't even awkward. 

I feel someone tap my shoulder and I turn around to see Natsu. "Hey, I just wanted to say thanks. It's been a while since I've talked to people at school. The times they do is when they have to for a project or something" He says smiling.

"Of course! But you should be thanking Lisanna, it was her idea." I say. "Really? Well then remind me to thank her tomorrow." He smiles then walks faster to get to his house.

"Hey Natsu, wait!" I call after him.  He turns around. "I was wondering if you wanted to walk to school together. I need to learn to wake up earlier, do you mind?" I ask.

He stops and looks as though he's thinking about it. "You know what, sure." I smile "Thank you!" I say and skip ahead. I hear him chuckle behind me.


I'm woken up by the doorbell. "Ugh..." I moan and roll over. It rings a few more times before I decide to check the time. "4:30!! He's here at 4:30?!" I get up still in my pjs and answer the door.

"Why are you here at 4:30?!" I ask a little annoyed. "You asked if I could help you wake up earlier and we could walk to school together. This is normally when I'm walking to school." He says like it's nothing.

"YOU ARE AWAKE AND READY, WALKING TO SCHOOL AT 4:30?!?!" I practically scream. Seriously that's too early

He chuckles "Yep" "Ugh..." I moan "Come on in, I'll go shower and get dressed." I say to him gesturing inside.

He walks in and sits on the couch. I walk upstairs, shower, and get dressed for school. When I come down I find Natsu still sitting on the couch but eating chips and watching tv.

"Where did you find those?!" I ask snatching the bag from him and turning the tv off. "Heeeeyy..." He whines. "What do you think you're doing?" I ask him.

"You were taking too long and I got bored, found some chips and turned the tv on." He said clearly not seeing the problem. "Ugh, whatever." I say annoyed. "Oh, and I made breakfast." He added.

"What?!" I ask walking to the kitchen to find a plate of bacon, eggs, and waffles yet the kitchen was spotless. Natsu walked in behind me "I thought you might want some breakfast before school, I already ate mine."

"Wow, thank you!" I say sitting down and digging in, not minding my manners. He just stands there waiting for me to finish.

I finish and get up "You know, I wouldn't mind if you did that every morning." I say patting my stomach. He chuckles "Sure." "Wait, what, really?! You would do that?" I ask hopeful.

"Sure, you take forever anyway, why not be productive." He says "Now we should get going, it's 6." He starts walking towards the door. 

"SIX? Did I really take that long?!" I ask. "Yeah, you did." He says walking out the door. We walk to school talking about random things.

We arrive at school together and receive weird looks from everyone we walk by. Natsu seems to be completely unaffected by this. I guess he would be used to it.

We walk in the classroom and Levy was already there and she was smirking at me. Natsu goes and sits in his seat and I sit in mine. Levy walks up to my desk.

She just looks at me smirking. "What?" I ask. "Why did you come in with Natsu?" She asks. "I wanted to wake up earlier so I asked him to come by my house every day so I would." I say simply.

"Eeeevery day?" She asks still smirking. "Uh, yeah." She looked like she as about to say something but then the bell rang.


I walk up to Natsu "Hey, you wanna come sit with us again today?" I ask. "I would love to, really, but I'm going to eat in the library, the librarian lets me and I want to study." He says. "Oh, ok!" I say and walk into the cafeteria.

When I get to our usual table they're all smirking at me. "What?" I ask sitting down. "So Natsu is going to come to you house eeevery morning?" Cana asks. "Uh, yes."

Mira gasps "Did he see you in your pjs?!" "Yeah, so?" They all squeal. "Guys, I don't see the big deal." I say. "NALU!" Mira yells. "Nalu!!" They all scream.

"What's nalu? What are you guys talking about?" I ask confused. "I think you two would make a great couple!" Lisanna says. "COUPLE?!" I scream then cover my mouth.

"Yes, you two would look good together." Erza says. "You were the first person to talk to him without being forced to." Evergreen mentions. "Yeah, but that doesn't mean we should be a couple! We're just friends."  I argue.

"Uh-huh" Mira says raising an eyebrow "Then why are you blushing?" The bell rings before I can say anything. Ugh, we're just friends. Was I really blushing?

<><><>After School<><><>

I run up to Natsu. "So what were you studying for? We don't have any tests coming up." I ask him. "I know but I'm going to fail biology so I'm just trying to better understand the material." He says.

"Oh, I'm great at biology! You wanna come to my house, maybe I could explain it to you better?" I suggest. "Really? You'd do that?" He asks smiling. "Sure, why not." And with that we basically run to my house.

When we get there I'm completely out of breath but Natsu seems just fine. We sit down at my dining room table and get out all our biology notes.

<><>A Few Hours Later<><> 

"Great job! You go them all right!" I announce. His face lights up "Really?" "Yep, I think you got it." I say smiling. He gives a big grin "Thanks again." "No problem. You just needed it to be explained differently."

"Yeah, I think you're right. You need help with any subject, maybe I can help you?" He asks. "Ugh, just math." I say. "Oh, math is my best subject!" "Really?! You're one of the three people in the class not failing?!"

"Yep, I have all A's except for a D in biology." He says like it's nothing. "WhAt?!" He chuckles. "How about we walk to my house again tomorrow and you can help me with math?" I suggest.

"Sure, see you tomorrow morning." He says picking up his books and backpack. "Bye." Wait, I have to wake up at 4:30 again?! Ugh, I forgot!


Hope you enjoyed! See you next time.

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