Chapter 1

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"I'm better in bed."

"Well, I have a bigger ass and he's an ass guy, so..."

"Well, have you ever given hea-"

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Someone save me please. I couldn't deal with another cat fight from Bitch One and Bitch Two behind me about who had a better chance with Alpha Roman. Neither of them really had a chance with him; they were both annoying as hell and I doubted he needed something like that in his pack house.

"Quiet down," Mr. Jakkobs interrupted the class. "I know you're all excited that it's the last week of senior year, but we need to get through this material."

Bitch One sat up. "What are we learning about today? If it's the female reproductive system, I can definitely volunteer myself as a model."

"Nobody wants to see you naked Vanessa," my best friend, Derek, said. He shook his head and looked down at his textbook.

All of the class, except Mr. Jakkobs, laughed. He leaned against his desk, arms crossed. "Derek. Vanessa. I doubt you really want to end up in the office this time of the year."

Someone knocked on the door and the principal's head popped in. "I hope I'm not interrupting."

Mr. Jakkobs raised a brow at Derek and Vanessa, then turned to the principal. "No, not at all."

The door opened wider. And that's when I saw Alpha Roman standing right behind the principal. Tall and tan. His muscles flexed through his shirt with every move he made. He stepped into the room and the whole class, except Vanessa, quieted down.

His gaze was fixed on me and only me, and his jaw was clenched. I gulped and gazed down at my textbook, trying to look busy, trying not to think about last night.

"Hi Alpha!" Vanessa squealed.

From the corner of my eye, I watched him walk further into the room. The principal said a few words that I didn't even listen to, then disappeared through the door. Alpha Roman cleared his throat.

Please leave. Please leave.

The more I tried to push away my dirty thoughts of Roman, the more my cheeks flushed. He needed to leave now, so I could learn more about the now very interesting topic of female reproductive systems.

"Isabella," Alpha Roman said.


I glanced up at him. "Yes, Alpha?"

"Outside, now." Without another word, he walked to the door and held it open for me.

Fuck. I closed my textbook and stood. Derek eyed me, brow raised, but I shrugged my shoulders and sent him a I-really-don't-know-what's-wrong look. A look that said, "Yesterday night when you called me thirteen times and I didn't answer once, I really wasn't doing anything bad, I promise."

I trudged out of the room and heard the door close behind me. Suddenly, he had me pressed against the lockers.

"What am I going to do with you?" he whispered. His nose trailed up my neck. "You've been teasing me. This whole damn week, you've been teasing me."

I shook my head, no. But really I had been. I'd touched myself too many times to count thinking about him pounding me against my headboard.

"Don't deny it," he growled in my ear, his canines grazing against my soft spot. He pressed himself into my backside, and I clenched. His fingers trailed up my leg and slipped under my skirt. "I know you keep your curtains open at night for me. You want me to watch as you rub your sensitive little clit."

Again, I shook my head. "No," I breathed out. "I-I don't."

"Don't lie to your alpha," he said.

I gulped. His fingers were hovering mere centimeters over my clit. I could feel the warmth radiating from them, and I was aching for him to touch me.

One of his hands wrapped around the front of my neck softly as he pulled me to him. "Don't lie to me," he repeated.

His fingers were so close, my core was clenching just waiting for them to slip into my panties and feel how wet I was for him. I didn't care that there were only minutes left before the bell rang and everyone flooded into the hallway. I needed him so fucking bad.

"I don't." Lie.

He chuckled against my ear. "I bet you think about me as you do it, don't you?"


"No?" He pushed some hair behind my ear and grinded his hips into mine. "You don't think about my face between your legs, eating you until you're trembling?" No. "You don't think about my cock in your mouth?" His thumb brushed against my lips. No. "You don't think about my hand wrapped around your throat as I thrust into you over and over and over again?"

I closed my eyes and pressed my knees together. Oh, God. Oh, God. Touch me, damn it. I needed it.

"Close your blinds next time," he said, pulling his fingers away.

"Or what?" I breathed. I turned around to face him.

That was my first mistake of the day.

He grabbed my chin roughly and pressed me against the locker once more. "Or you won't like the consequences."

The bell rang, and he walked away. Down the hall. Out the door. And I just stood there, watching him, my pussy clenching.

He said I wouldn't like the consequences if I didn't close the blinds next time I touch myself to him. So being the good girl I was, I knew the one thing I was going to do when I got home.

Open the blinds as far as they would go.


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