Chapter 3

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Well, what goes up, must come down.

I would call Imperius' behaviour earlier a tantrum but he was no baby. Who knew how old he was. An angel could age a millennium, right? Although that was rather mean and unnecessary. It was his way of showing me how much he despised me, so much that he wanted to see me stuck in my room like it was a prison. I can't wait to go back to Sanctuary now.

Lyndon and I excused ourselves from Auriel and left for our rooms not long after Imperius left. As we walked along side each other, I tried to think about something else.

"So... Lyndon? Why did you visit Auriel? And don't tell me she was the one inviting you. I don't believe that for a second."

"Jeez, woman! Aren't you a little too suspicious of me? I had good intentions, of course! Like I always do," he said exasperatingly then continued solemnly, "Well... I wanted to know if I have any hopes of finding Rea."

I looked at him surprised. "And what did Auriel tell you?" His face turned grim. "Well, she said that it was better to let go of it and told me not to seek revenge. Of course! She would say that. She's an angel."

"I see..." I let my voice trail off as we continued to our rooms. Rea was Edlin's wife, Lyndon's sister-in-law, whom he had a crush on. We recently discovered that Rea killed Edlin in his Westmarch cell. I could imagine how Lyndon felt but I would hate to be in his situation right now. Afterall, I was a demon hunter, we lived for revenge. Nevertheless, I would want a closure at the very least. Therefore, if he wanted my help again, I would not hesitate to do so.

The next day...

The healer came to examine me and my wounds finally. Tyrael accompanied him also, curious of how Lyndon and I were doing. It turned out that both of us were fine to go and we were dismissed. What a relief. Not to mention, I felt a ton better after having such a good sleep. Now, we were both heading home and Tyrael came to see us off.

"Tyrael, aren't you coming with us?" I asked curiously.

"I have something to take care of since I am here now. I won't be too far behind you." His answer was vague and I felt like he didn't want me to know. I wondered what it was but it was none of my business to which I hardly like to pry.

"Well, we shall see you in Sanctuary then. Take care of yourself, Tyrael." I waved my good-bye and entered the portal he made for us.

Once we were on hard dirt ground of Sanctuary, I let out a big sigh of relief. Lyndon looked at me surprised and a grin of amusement appeared afterward. "What? Were you holding your breath in the heavens?" He chuckled cheekily. "Hmph! You could say that." I smirked and shook my head slightly, so glad to be walking on the dirt again.

We made our way to Westmarch Common to check on the progress of the restorations. Things seemed to go smoothly as far as I could tell. And It was finally time for some of us to go back to our normal lives. I had made so many friends and companions along my hunting journey whom would never be forgetten.

After we said our good-byes, we all headed separate ways. Some of us stayed in Westmarch while others continued their own journeys. One of those happened to be me. Although there were some who still wanted to follow me, I had to say no. It wasn't because I didn't want their companies but I felt as though I needed to be alone for awhile. I was also sure that we would all see each other again. Evils never rest.

Lyndon and I parted our ways as we reached Kingsport boarder. I told him to call on me whenever he needed my help knowing that he would look for Rea. I just hoped that he kept his head straight until we saw each other again.

My destination, the Dreadlands. Truth be told, I didn't have a home to go to any more. Hunting for demons was my job since I was dismissed from the hunter order and so wandering from place to place was somewhat a part of my life, even before Tyrael fell from the heavens.This was the first time I returned to Dreadlands. Planning to see my master and properly offered him my gratitude, then I would be moving along once again.


After the visit, I camped out by the boarder of Dreadlands. As I laid down on my bed made with thick hay, I wondered how nice it would be to actually own a house. Myriam had pointed that out for me while we were in Westmarch. Thanks to that old lady, now I was having inappropriate ideas for a demon hunter. We did not settle down. Owning a house would mean settling somewhere permanently and becoming a dead target for ambush. I sighed as the possibility of me settling was as close to nil as it could be. Exactly the reason why I was sleeping out, in an old open-air battle field right now.

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