Chapter 1 - Death or Undeath

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Death or Undeath.

The shadows crept along the deserted street, almost as if it were some sort of paranormal entity. The light was gradually extinguished and the area was plunged into a darkness so oppressing it felt like it was stealing the air, the life from the surrounding vicinity. I knew it couldn't be right, but I guess when you're petrified of the dark it's easy for your mind to over-react to something so small as the lights going out in the street. My mind rioted in panic as I scurried along the pavements, gripping to the walls for balance as I raced towards the light I could barely see ahead.

A gut-wrenching scream pierced the silence behind me. I froze in terror, straining to hear anything. My fear of the possibility of being the next victim and the need to help the other person waged a war within my head. The decision seemed to be out of my hands as I turned and slowly walked into the abyss. I crept as silently as I could, fearing what I would find. The wall I had been trailing my hand along suddenly disappeared and my wrist, my hand, were exposed in mid air.

Something captured my arm and dragged me into the alley to the side. I kicked and screamed pitifully as I begged them to let me go. I dropped my weight to the ground, hoping it may buy me time, but It backfired, not only did i hit my head so hard i was almost seeing stars but i was then dragged. My knees scraped along the ground, skin tearing under the rough dirty concrete. I groaned and struggled, tears freely running down my face.

There was no light, there was no sound except for my huffs and scuffling noises as I was dragged along the ground. My mind grew hazy and I found myself being savagely hoisted up and thrown into a slightly upside down position. The warmth against my abdomen indicated I was being carried in a fire mans lift hold. My head swam and my stomach churned as I was bounced up and down. The breeze whipped around me where as it had been silent and still mere moments before. Suddenly we stopped, and I was thrown down onto something padded. A bed? I looked around but my vision was so blurry I couldn't see. The stranger - who-ever he was - knelt down and placed his mouth right by my ear as he held me in place. His breath tickled for a moment and I tried to get away.

'Sleep!' he commanded.

Suddenly my brain started to slow and against my will I began to drift off.


My eyes flew open as a sharp agonizing pain erupted from my throat. I tried to scream but a pathetic gurgle was all that came out. Tears ran down my face as I thrashed about, desperate to stop the pain.

'Please, please don't,' I begged in a pathetic whimper.

The pain began to recede and slowly the pressure from my throat vanished, but a warmth seemed to glide across my skin from the area. I lifted my hand to my throat and it came away slick with blood. I couldn't see it as it was dark, but I could smell it.

My stomach flipped a few times and I lunged off the bed onto my hands and knees, vacating my stomach of all it's contents. I felt a presence beside me. Waiting for something.

'Please let me go. I'll tell no one anything. Just let me leave. I can't stay here...'

Silence protruded for several moments before a sigh escaped the presence within the room.

'I'm afraid that's no longer possible. You know too much. You have two options,' a very male voice announced.

The pause was palpable. I waited and waited but he didn't continue.

'Ch-choices?' I stuttered.

'Two choices dear. You can either die, here and now by my hand. Know that you will be giving your life so that I may survive.'

'Wh-what's the other ch-choice?'

'You can become one of my species. I am a vampire my dear. If you become one of us know that you will become and immortal and have to follow my orders, as I will become you're sire,'

My heart beat stopped suddenly then hammered loud within my chest. I felt dizzy, sick and in shock. I mean, vampires existing was unreal but then to be told I could either die or be one of them. Did I really have a choice?

'I don't want to die... Please... Just let me go.'

'I can't. You're lucky you have this offer. Another may not be so lenient. Do you want to die or be with me forever?'

The silence dragged as I considered my options. Could I stay with him forever? He seemed okay apart from the whole situation. He hadn't actually hit me and he said he was doing this to survive. Was he a monster? Or was he just trying to live?

'I don't want to die,' I whispered into the silence unsure if he would hear me.

Footsteps wandered over to the edge of the room and a gradual coruscating shimmer of light begin to illuminate the dingy room. I could vaguely make out a figure rapidly approaching. I gasped and struggled to move back but he stopped a foot away. He was... Handsome. He knelt down in an old fashioned way and took my hand in his, turned my hand over and gently kissed my wrist. My pulse fluttered haphazardly.

'close your eyes dear, I will make it quick,' he murmured gently.

I did as he asked and my breaths began coming out in shallow pants. A sharp pain resumed in my neck and my mind became hazy. I was distantly aware of something warm being trickled in to my mouth, gliding down my throat, then the blackness took me away

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