Chapter 10: Lunch

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Lucy's P.O.V

I just arrived home after the whole Zack thing. I don't really even know what happened. All I know is that some guy at a bar messed up and definitely got on Natsu's bad side.

I got up and took a shower. I got out, put my pjs on and jumped on my bed for some well deserved sleep.


"Huff...huff...huff..." I rush into the classroom and sit down. I really need to learn how to wake up earlier.

The bell rings as the teacher clears her throat. "Ugh...SHUT YOUR FACES!!!" She screams. The class goes quiet.

"Alright so the class is going on a field trip Friday and we will return Sunday. I'm supposed to carefully choose partners that are going to stay together the whole time but I didn't feel like it so I'm going to shuffle names." She said.

She picks up a can with little slips of paper in it and shakes it around. She reaches her hand in and pulls out two slips.

"Levy and Gajeel" I saw Levy's face go as red as a tomato. I giggled.

"Lucy and....Natsu" She said. What?!  I could feel everyone looking at me. She kept calling out names but I wasn't paying attention.


I walked over to our usual table and sat down. Of course, they were all staring at me.

"It's not like I picked him to be my partner." I said unpacking my lunch. "Does it not bother you?" Levy asked.

"Well it's probably better that it's me and not some random person so Natsu will actually have someone to talk to." I say. They all go wide eyed except for Lisanna.

"Hey Lucy?" Lisanna asks. "Yeah." I respond. "Do you think you could invite Natsu to come sit with us tomorrow?" I was shocked at this. Juvia nearly choked on her food. "Lisanna are you crazy?!" Evergreen says.

"Yes, but that's not what we're talking about. Lucy says he is genuinely nice and I think she is right about everyone judging him too fast. If he comes to lunch, you girls can decide for yourself if he is a good person or not." She says.

I smile. "I think that's a great idea Lisanna." Erza says "Everyone did judge him fast including myself, I would love to meet him."

"Yeah let's do it!" Mira said enthusiastically. And with that the bell rings.

<><><>After School<><><>

I'm so happy that the girls are actually going to give him a chance. Well Evergreen and Juvia seem a little upset about it. Cana didn't say anything so I don't know how she feels about it.

I arrive at my house to find Natsu waiting at my door. I walk up to him. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "Wendy left her bracelet at your house, I just came to get it." He says.

"Alright, but how did you get here so fast?" I ask opening the door to my house and walking in. "I don't know I just walked fast I guess." He says staying where he is.

"Ok, come on in and sit down, I'll go look for it." I say. he nods and walks in. I go upstairs searching for a bracelet that wasn't mine.

It takes a few minutes but i come downstairs with a beautiful silver and blue bracelet.

It takes a few minutes but i come downstairs with a beautiful silver and blue bracelet

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I walk over to Natsu who is sitting on the couch. "I found it" I announce but Natsu didn't respond or even turn his head.

I walk in front of him and snap my fingers in his face. "Earth to Natsu"

He snaps out of it and looks at me. "Sorry" He said. "No problem, I found the bracelet." I say holding it up. He looks relieved and takes it from me. "Thanks."

He was about to get up and leave when I stopped him. "Wait, I want to ask you a question." He looks confused but settles back down on the couch.

"Well, my friends wanted to meet you so we were wondering if you wanted to come sit with us at lunch tomorrow?" I ask. His eyes go wide.

"They wanna meet me?" He asked looking very shocked. "Yep." I said with a big smile on my face. Natsu starts to smile and eventually gives a big grin. "I'd love to"

"Great! See you tomorrow." I say and he leaves

<><>The Next Day At Lunch<><>

I run up to Natsu in the hallway and tap his shoulder "Come on, let's go!" I say taking his hand and dragging him to the cafeteria. I can feel people staring at us but I don't really care.

We get there and I practically shove him in a seat. Immediately everyone at our usual table and the tables in front and behind that table left and went to the other side of the cafeteria.

The girls I sit with flinch but don't move. I sit down next to him smiling. "Ok girls, this is Natsu. Why don't you guys go around and say your names?" I suggest still smiling.

They all burst out laughing, even Natsu chuckles. "What?" I ask. "You sound like a teacher on the first day of kindergarten." Natsu said. "I do not!" I pout.

"Yeah, you totally do" Lisanna says still laughing "Anyway, I'm Lisanna." She says turning to Natsu and holding her hand out.

Natsu looks a little surprised at first before smiling and shaking her hand. Everyone goes around and says their name like I told them to because they didn't have a choice.

Everyone seemed to get along with him just fine. We talked about random things until the bell rang. Natsu was smiling the entire time.


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