Chapter 14

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3rd Person POV

After Y/N had left and the revelation that he was the infamous Oni shocked the room. Rei Explained once more the group of people who made an abrupt entrance.

Rei : These people belong to the family clan led by the Kirari Momobami. Collectively they're referred to as the Momobami family.

Sayaka : Momobami family? What's going on here?

Kirari : *Looks to new students* How nice of you all to come here.

Terano : You made it clear. "The winner of this election will be the next Momobami leader" The adults freaked out and sent us as representatives. But it's understandable. When you became the head of the family, you turned your eyes to this academy. You took control of its graduates financial matters. And now you hold sway over the political and business world. So the post of the student council is now an embodiment of power and authority. "Ruling Hyakkou mean ruling the nation". And yet you threw your seat in the election. Moreover, the winner of this election will rule the Momobami family. Basically the winner gets both the academy and thr right to lead the Momobami family. It's an all out battle.

There was a brief pause before Terano began to speak again.

Terano : Do you find this fun Kirari? Watchin the branch families go at each others throats?

Kirari : Oh yes, very fun.

Terano : * Slightly glares* You were always like that. You take with ease what we've striven hard to achieve, an d then abandon give us a chance to attain in. The way you always act... I loathe you!

Kirari simply just looked at her with a smile while Terano glared at her with snake like eyes.

Sayaka : What's going on here?

Yuriko : I can't keep up. Election? Momobami? Head of the family? The only thing that's clear...

Sayaka : Our Presidents academy... is about to be devoured by these families.

Suddenly Yuriko burst out of her seat in protest as to what was being said.

Yuriko : There is no way this will be allowed! The order in the academy will collapse!

Sayaka : President she's right! Please reconsider this.

Yumemi : Leave it be. It's what the president has decided. *Stars in her eyes disappear and voice deepens* It's pointless to try and stop her now. Maybe this is how Y/N feels when he deals with Yumeko. But I'll crush everyone who gets in the way of my career.

Midari : This sounds like fun lets do this! Though I doubt any of you are even close to Yumeko's level. Let alone Y/N and his insanity. *Looks at Erimi* What? They allowed grade schoolers in too?

Yuriko : This is crazy.

Kirari : Calm down Yuriko. There is a way to keep things the way they are. All you have to do is win. This concerns you as well Sayaka. You have every chance to do that. After all... Everyone has been given equal chance. This election will be solely decided through gambling.

Timeskip brought to you by chibi Yumeko and Mary sleeping on Regular Y/N's chest


Yumeko and were standing in the hallways alongside multiple students as we were all looking at a paper the posted up on the wall. While looking at it we heard the PA system with Runa speaking over it.

Runa : Hello, everyone! I'm head of the election management committee, Yomotsuki Runa! Did you notice yet.

Y/N : How could we not. There's a shit ton of people here.

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