Chapter Sixteen

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Chapter Sixteen


The morning my father turned up at the Black Bloods Pack, so did another Alpha I had yet to meet. Alpha Seth Zev, and his mate Mabel, turned up after being informed that my father was coming. Alpha Seth hated the idea of an Alpha he didn't get on with in his territory without him around.

He was an attractive man but with a cold edge to him. He looked pristine in his designer suit and shined shoes, his dark hair gelled back in the centre and his jaw sharp and smooth. Even carrying a small child on his hip, didn't detract from the dominance that radiated off him.

He was the first true Alpha I'd ever met. Devon and Ramone were both strong Wolves, and natural leaders, but Alpha Seth was in a different league – he oozed control and power without having to say a single word. He was everything I'd expected and more from a man who ran two packs.

His mate was...the completed opposite to what I expected. She was roughly my age but looked younger. She was barley five foot, with crazy curled dark hair and large bambi brown eyes. Her sun kissed brown skin glowed around the faint freckles covering most of her face.

The first thought I had about Mabel Zev wasn't about her dominance as a Luna, but rather how tired and stressed she looked. She was heavily pregnant – the large swollen belly engulfing practically her entire tiny frame and making her look completely out of proportion. She was wearing a flowing summer dress, that just made her stomach look larger, but she was sweating in the heat.

"It's nice to meet you, but I need to sit down" Mabel said instantly, before moving past me and waddling into the office.

"Madre" the little boy on Alpha Seth's hip called out. Seth put the boy down and he quickly ran after his mother. The boy was beautiful – the looks of his father but with the Latin skin of his mother.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Tabitha" Seth said, holding out his hand. I shook it, feeling nervous despite how much the twins had been reassuring me all morning that Seth was a good person and an even better Alpha. "Sorry about May, it was a tough journey for her this morning. She's very uncomfortable".

"I can imagine, it's really not a problem" I replied.

"I said hello!" Mabel yelled from the office, "you don't need to apologise for me".

Seth rolled his eyes – likely something he would only do when his mate wasn't looking – but he was amused. We followed Mabel's lead and all headed into the main office. Seth sat down next to his mate on the couch, their son sat between them. I sat on the love seat, Ramone and Devon pulled over seats on either side of me.

"Devon filled me in on the situation" Seth began, after one of the Pack Wolves had brought us all coffee – a decaf for Mabel who grumbled about the fact for a few minutes. Seth paused for a minute, sipping his coffee, before sighing. "Look, it is no secret that Trevor and I don't get on. But, that situation has nothing to do with you or your relationship with him".

"I don't want to cause any trouble for you" I admitted truthfully. I desperately wanted to meet my father but I didn't want it to effect the life I was building for myself with Devon and Ramone – because for the first time in my life I was truly happy.

"Don't worry about that" Seth shrugged, "you're the child of his mate, Trevor will do anything to meet you. And, I don't blame him. Nothing could me away from Vance or my family either". He reached over and ruffled his son's hair, the little boy grinned up at his face – awe and love glistening in the little boy's eyes; a boy who saw his father as his hero.

"How are you feeling, Tabby Cat?" Devon asked me, reaching over and taking my hand.

"I don't really know" I admitted, "I always thought about meeting my father...but now that it is actually going to happen...I really don't know how I feel. Nervous, I guess, but a little excited too".

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