Painter| Legends and Imprints

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AS SOON AS SHE WAS BROUGHT IN SETH SAT HER ON HIS LAP, she couldn't help but smile at the design

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AS SOON AS SHE WAS BROUGHT IN SETH SAT HER ON HIS LAP, she couldn't help but smile at the design. Soon the others staggered in and sat down, Sam turned to Miracle and took a deep breathe. "Do you know the legends?" He asks, "I know some of them." She told them truthfully. He nods his head in satisfaction. "Their real, all of us a shifters except Emily she's human, and your our imprint." She looked at them to see them smiling gently, she nod my head and blush "Okay I can accept that." she told them each one of them grinned and group – hugged her.

"Leah told us why you've been avoiding us." Paul told her, he was surprisingly calm. "You don't have to listen, to any of them." Jared adds, she nods her head. "Okay, it's just that they threatened me." Growls erupted the quiet room.

They all had black – coal like eyes feeling their wolves coming up to the surface, Sam placed a hand on her shoulder so his eyes could meet hers. "You don't have to listen to them, we'll protect you Little one." He told Miracle in a deep voice almost sounding like a growl.

Miracle looked around at all her imprints and thought their was no submission to the wolves by their body language, it was all dominant even Emily was dominant and she was nodding like the others but glaring at the floor.

Miracle felt something warm on her neck and looked to see Seth nuzzling her calming himself and her, she thought it was nice whenever they touched her sparks would always erupt from their skin. It mad her feel weak in the knees.

She could feel all the worry in her turn into relief and let out a small sigh before leaning against Seth, closing her now heavy eyes and turned over into a deep sleep. She looked like a peaceful kitten to all the wolves who now looked at her, "Seth put her in Sam and I's room." He nods and follows Emily to the room and gently placed her down. Emily places a soft blue blanket over the top of her and kissed her forehead along with Seth, "rest easy little one."

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