007) pt1; first love.

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I watched her smile and look around as we walked through the carnival.

she was so happy and that's what I loved.

even though I mess up she continues to let me make her smile even with these rumors going around about me cheating agian...I mean I was but I cut that shit off.

"bae you ready to go back home ?"she asked as she looked up at me with her big beautiful brown eyes.

"you sure? it doesn't close till 11 and we got like one more hour to go?"I asked looking down at her pretty self.

"ummm ,yea then can we go get something to eat?" She asked as she wrapped both of her arms around my torso.

"yea but what ride you trynna get on cause we gotta make the best of this while it last." I asked looking around at the different rides.

"let's get one the one that takes you up in the sky then brings you down."she said pulling me towards it with a evil smirk on her face.

"now you know damn well I said we wasn't getting on this scary ass ride."I said stopping us from getting any closer to the skyscraper ride.

"pleaseee just this one time daddy!"she begged making a stupid cute begging face.

"mannn just one time for real."I said rolling my eyes.

"don't be rolling them ugly fuckers at me hoe."she said laughing at me. I made a ohreallynigga face.

"chill baby I was just playing your eyes are sexy."she said smiling and pecking my cheek.

i smiled at her leaning down slightly to give her a kiss.


"booiii your face was theee faceasssss" Balincá said laughing as my dizzy ass tried to walk straight.

"man shut the fuck up we needa go sit down now."I said trying to walk over to a table.

"oh wow so mean you meany"she pouted sitting down in front of me.

i scoffed looking around until my eyes met someone i thought i would never see agian.

Flashback 2 years ago.

i had just got back from doing a drop off when my girl called asking me to come over because she had to talk to me which made me nervous.

i parked on the side of her family's 2 story home ,getting out and slowly walking up the walk way as i got nervous the closer i got to the door.

i rung the doorbell.

she opened the door and it looking as if she'd been crying which made me confused. no words were exchanged ,i just went upstairs to her room and sat on her bed as she came in and went to her connected bathroom.

she came back out with a box but i didn't see what it was until she sat down next to me.

she handed me the box ,avoiding eye contact. i slowly took it and grabbed what was inside which were 3 positive pregnancy test.

and at that moment i knew what this was. my whole life just fucking flashed before my eyes.

"what are we gonna do?"she asked sniffling. i angrily stood up throwing the tests and box making her jump and finally look at me with worry and sorrow in her eyes.

but it wasn't nobody's fault but mines.

"im not doing this bro! im-WE are too fucking young. but it's up to you cause im out this bitch."i said coldly walking out her room and slamming the door.

ever since that day i walked out on her i always regretted being a cold hearted ass and leaving herself to deal with the creation we made together.

Flashback over

i sat there just staring at her. how could i walk out like that. that was such a pussy move. but at the same time we were only 15 but that still didn't mean i had to do her like that. but i was scared to be a family with her and have to man up.

no one knows about this except for sauve and that's bc he was the only one there i could talk to.

i was zoned out i didn't even realize my girl was trying to get my attention.

"my bad listen imma be right back i gotta do something." i said as i got up before she could react.

here i was being a man of some sort and walking up to my first love who probably hates me.

she just stood there as shock as i was and the only thing i could do was pull her into a tight embrace as she hugged me back very tight. so she doesn't hate me ? i let her go and admired her. she was still so beautiful.

"h-ow are y-you?"i asked finally starting a conversation.

"im great and you?"she asked smiling making me feel some type of way.

"im good...listen im so sorry for doing you so coldly and leaving you all alone with our creation. if i could go back to that day i swear i would and change my whole response. after that day i just had this feeling of regret that still hangs over me but now that im getting to properly apologize ,im so sorry and i hope you don't hate me." i said as my heart beated fast.

"ive been forgave you lathan. i understood i will forever love you. but i have to tell u something."she said as her eyes kinda started to tear up. that's when i noticed there wasn't a little me running around....

"i lost our babygirl due to over stressing." she said ,her voice very shaky. my whole world stoped for a few seconds before i pulled her into another hug.

"i-i have to get going but here's my number."she said letting me go and holding her hand out for my phone .i opened it and gave it to her. she gave it back when she was done and we just stared at each other as she slowly backed away and waved smiling before disappearing into the large crowd.

damn i forgot all about balincá!!! she gonna flip yo!!

i walked over to where we were sitting to see her looking around.

"you ready?" she asked as soon as she noticed me ,she stood up and stared at me waiting for me to answer.

"umm sure you com-"she cut me off shaking her head no.

"im going home let's go" she said speed walking towards the exit.

oh fuck.

sooo im finally back on my shittt ,sorry for the wait ;just a lil filler.



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