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Johnny PoV
I'm gonna go punch a wall. I want y/n back. She's so happy with him. I want her. I miss her hugs. You know what I have to stop missing her. She's all I ever think about and it's not good for my health I guess

Y/n PoV
I'm so happy with Corbyn but I know that I still have feelings for Johnny. But I am really happy with Corbyn so I guess my feelings to Johnny don't matter

Corbyns PoV :
Haha I can't believe Johnny broke up with y/n because of me. I'm the unknown stranger who forced Johnny to break up with y/n. That's right I'm a crazy phsycopath

Corbyn: hey y/n
Y/n: wassup bubs
Corbyn: nothing much. Can I ask you a question?
Y/n: Yh definitely
Corbyn: do you have feelings for Johnny?
Y/n: I'm gonna be honest with you. I still do like him a little bit but that's only because we broke up recently and he was my first boyfriend. Oh wait crap. I forgot to tell my mom I have a new boyfriend. Oh god she's going to kill me
Corbyn: firstly I guess that's ok with you liking Johnny a little bit and I think you should call your mom
Y/n: okay I'll go do that now
She left the room anxiously. Scared of her moms reply. While I started to hate Johnny more and more for taking my girl away from me

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