Singer Tom X Rich Tord

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Singer Tom X Rich Tord

Warning: ???

Requested by: tinatheicecreem

The song that I'll be using doesn't belong to me (or to Tom) but it belongs to Alec Benjamin, however in this oneshot, pretend that Tom owns the song!


Tom's P.O.V

Ell, my editor and my friend's twin, sent me back the music video that I wanted to be edited. I replied to her email by saying, 'Thanks for editing again Ell! Also, I'm giving you a raise!' I sent her the email, as the video downloaded.

After the video downloaded, I watched it to see the editing and like always, Ell's editing was perfect, maybe even better than perfect! I uploaded the lyric video on youtube. I spun myself in my swivel chair, feeling rather happy for no reason.

I, suddenly got an unexpected text. I opened snapchat and noticed that it was from Tord, a friend that I barely talk to.

'Thomas, want to go to a bar? I'll pay! '

'Free beer and Smirnoff?! I'm in! Though please don't call me Thomas.'


'Because the name is stupider than the stupidest person on Earth. That means you!'

'Oof I'm hurt!'

'This isn't roblox, don't oof.'

'You know what? I won't pay for you :P'

'Why? I want free Smirnoff'

'Cause I'm broke OOF!'

'*Because, also for the last time THIS ISN'T ROBLOX! DON'T OOF! Also, also, a rich dude is broke?! If you're broke you would have lost your house! How much money do you have?!'

'I have.....£851002.95...'

'BRUH! YOU'RE NOT BROKE! You'll pay! Anyways adios.'

'OOF! I'll pick you up at 8pm! Bye'


I closed the app and turned my phone off. I shoved the small device in my hoodie as I checked the time. "6:58pm. I should probably get ready. I hope the video uploads by the time I'm done, I don't feel like postponing it," I muttered to myself. I stood up, trudging groggily to my messy room which I tried my best to keep it organized, but since I own a lot of stuff it still becomes a mess.

I grasped my clean dark blue hoodie and my grey skinny jeans. I wore them and then started brushing my hair which was quite messy and slightly filthy, but not filthy enough for me to wash it. I grabbed my spiked choker and debated whether I should put it on or not, but I ended up putting it on.

I looked like an emo, but I really didn't mind, it kind of suited me. I looked at the time to see that only 10 minutes passed so I grabbed the small device that most humans loved and started to play 'Sausage Run Sausage.' 20 minutes passed, and I stopped playing the game as I heard a long 'DING!' coming from my pc. I checked to see that my video has been uploaded. (Yes, I do know that when you upload a video on youtube, you don't hear a 'DING!', but this is my story and I can do whatever I want >=3)

I smiled and waited a few minutes. The comments started rolling in and I read a few.

1 minute ago

'Goddamnit annabelle do your own damn homework' I giggled slightly at this comment.

40 seconds ago

'Now I'm just another who got hurt

doing my own homework.' I understood this dude more than the world itself.

3 minutes ago

'Turns out this song is annabells homework assignment' Dang this person spelt her name wrong. But nevertheless quite funny.

I stopped reading the comments as the time was 7:59pm (Time logic doesn't exist in this oneshot!). I heard the doorbell ring as soon as the clock turned to 8:00pm, quite on time. I shut off my PC and turned off my study room's light. I walked around in my dark, dark house trying to find the front door. I soon found it and opened it, forgetting the most important object to exist....My keys....

Tord drove his Lamborghini Veneo into my driveway as the taller male waved his arms around like a maniac...maybe worse than a maniac. I rolled my eyes and got into the front seat. "Onwards we go to the bar!" He exclaimed, he was acting quite childish, which kind of scared me. Tord is never childish, he's quite serious with his straight (HAH! No....) serious face.

The car ride was filled with jokes and small talk and time flew as we quickly arrived. We both walked into the bar, the smell of delicious alcohol filled my nose. I was mentally drooling as Tord and I sat down. He ordered Smirnoff for me and Blue Moon for himself. We two drank until the 10th bottle. The bar kicked us out and us two drunkards got into the car.

The car ride was filled with jokes and slurs and perverted flirts (coming from Tord). He almost crashed the car about 4 times, and we almost got pulled up by the police. We were having the time of our life. 

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