His brother is an Avenger now, his smile grew wide as he didn't try to suppress how proud he is, he glanced at Loki before looking at his friends once more, Shuri smiled to herself as she heard the news of a newly added member and couldn't wait telling it to his very own brother.

"My brother will be glad to hear that." The thunder god replied, "I thank you for your generosity."

Tony smiled "You got it, goldy. We gotta go now though, his aunt is vicious I might say, call us if you need anything!"

He nodded as he watched his friends walk away, the Guardians eventually went back to space yesterday so that meant it was mostly them in Wakanda, Thor felt extremely grateful to King T'Challa and their kingdom but he knew that somehow they had to leave.

"I'll be going as well," Shuri said before walking away, not even waiting for him to reply, he figured that it may be because of how quiet he was, he can't blame her.

Thor went to the couch in front of his brother's bed and watched his chest heave up and down, he was hoping that he'd wake up already but he knew he needed the rest, and so did he. He was with his brother since the day he lost consciousness, as soon as his room was made up they brought him back there and Thor decided to sleep where his brother was, he barely went back to his own chambers or even go out, it was either to get some clothes or check on the Asgardian vessel.

Every citizen of Asgard was informed of the prince's state, that he was alive but is currently unconscious, some rejoiced while some was feeling a bit bothered because of what he had done. As King, Thor told them how his brother's crimes were now pardoned and that he was brought to life by their very own Father to help him save the realm and redeem himself.

He was about to close his eyes when he heard a soft knock on the door, Wanda's head stuck out as she looked at the King who was now inviting her to come in. She closed the door behind her before pulling a chair beside Loki, she smiled to herself as she saw the prince regaining back his color, she then turned her head to the older Odinson as he was stared at his own brother.

"How is he?" She asked that gained the god's attention

He smiled "Princess Shuri said that he is in a normal state and that the blood transfusion worked, yet he is in need of a few more rests."

"That's good news!" Wanda exclaimed with a wide smile before noticing the thunder god's sleepless features and tired form, "But I think you also need one, have you even slept?"

Thor nodded before yawning "A bit, from time to time."

Wanda couldn't help but feel sorry for the King as his eyes were starting to droop, she can only imagine how hard it is to be in his situation, taking care of both your family and kingdom, of course,e she knew that it's impossible to pick between the two but shouldn't you at least count yourself in that choice?

"How about you go get a full sleep and I'll take over?" The thunder god immediately shook his head the moment the suggestion left her mouth, he sat up straight before opening his eyes widely and flashing the woman in front of her a smile

"There's no need Lady Wanda, I'm perfectly fine." Thor replied as he tried to keep his eyes open

The sorceress sighed "You've done so much, you deserve at least a bit of rest, your brother wouldn't like waking up to you in this state."

"It's nothing near to what he has done." He replied before staring at his brother once again, he could only smile as he watched him "He has done a lot more for me than I him, this is the least I can do."

Wanda saw the sincerity and gratefulness in the god's voice that made her miss her brother, she looked down at her fingers as she stopped her own tears from falling, just thinking of Pietro makes her emotional, it only reminds her of how much she misses him and how she wished that he'd also come back from the dead. She sighed before plastering a smile then looked at the god before her.

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