Bye Bye Veronica | Part 3 of Duke x Reader

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(Y/n) pulled away in what seemed like too soon to Duke, her lips felt like feathers against Dukes.

"(Y/n)...." Heather placed a hand on her lips in slight shock. "You... you kissed me?" Her eyes softened as she looked at the shorter girl, her heart racing. "Does this mean you still-"

"Of course not." (Y/n) scoffed. "I'm still dating Veronica." She quickly turned away. "And I still hate you." Heather looked down to the ground. Was it time to give up and stop trying? She couldn't tell anymore.

(Y/n) quickly bolted back into the class room, her heart pounding. Had she really just kissed her ex? Yes. Yes she had. But did she regret it? Not at all. She still loved Heather with all of her heart. Even if she had told (Y/n) that what they had been doing was wrong.


(Y/n) stood there, tears in her eyes, her lilac dress hugged her tight as she watched her girlfriend make out with none other than Jason Dean. Her heart ached as she watched Veronica, her tears staining her face as she turned to walk out of the gym, but someone grabbed her arm.

"Are we gonna have a problem?" Heather Chandler's voice came from where Veronica and JD were. "You got a bone to pick?" (Y/n) turned to see Duke holding her wrist, dragging her over to the other Heather's. "You've come so far, why now are you playing tricks?" Chandler pulled (Y/n) close. "You broke her heart."

"Normally I'd slap your face off Veronica. And everyone here could watch." (Y/n) piped up. "But, I'm a nice person, so I'll let you off with a warning." She fixed her lilac dress, making it much more comfortable.

"(Y/n) has done nothing to you Sawyer." Mac chimed in, popping her yellow juicey fruit gum. "She loved you with every bone in her body and now, the poor thing might go emo again." Mac dumped her drink on Veronica, a smirk growing onto her face.

"You see, at least Chandler knows when to stop, you on the other hand, you're a disgusting, lying pig the deserves to rot in hell." Duke said pulling (Y/n) into a tight hug. "Let's go (Y/n). This scum doesn't deserve your time." (Y/n) nodded a bit, following after Duke as they left, hand in hand. 

I might do a part 4?

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