Chapter 11

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That was how I can describe today. Without the two skeletons things seem to be too calm. They didnt show up for the day which I wasnt that weirded out by. School was almost over anyway, eveybody wanted summer.

(Time skip cause well I just yawned)

As i was walking home I noticed a kid in a red and black sweatshirt running towards where I was, going my way.

I was just standing there so stupidly dumbfounded that i didn't move, then crash. I was on the pavement on my butt.

"I'm sorry" they said "I didn't see you there and-"

I just stood up and said "I'm fine, I love the pain"

"My name's Frisk" They said

"(Y/N)" I told them back "where were you going in such a hurry?"

"I was going to go to my uncle Sans and Papyrus' house"

"Sans hmm...." What has that lazy little shit been doing?

"Yup!!"they said "do you know him?"

"Yeah. He threw me at a tree"

"That's horrible" they said. Then suddenly they took my hand and started to drag me along with them "i'm taking you with me to go see them then!!!"

"uuummmmm.... i don't think that's really a good idea frisk"

They didn't say anything and only kept dragging me along. Soon we were in front of their house and Frisk had rang the doorbell.
"well i think it's time for me to go" i turned around wanting to go home but before i could they grabbed my bag 'dang it' i thought not wanting to go in. suddenly the door opened. 

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