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Dear Renjun,
     I can't wait to see you at Murev later! You may think I'm a sasaeng, but I swear, I'm really not. It just really happened that I'm also a member of the music club. Don't forget to eat, okay?



"Oh crap, I totally forgot about the meeting later." Renjun sighed and placed the letter inside his pocket. "Mark-hyung didn't even sent me a reminder like he usually does."

"Well, you can't blame him for having errands to run. As if you're not used to it." Taeil scoffed. "Anyways, what was that?" He asked when he saw the paper peeking out of his pocket.

"Another letter." Renjun shrugged and closed his locker after placing his notebooks.

"You'll attend the meeting later?" Taeil asked and the younger nodded.

"What about you, hyung?" Renjun asked.

Taeil shook his head, "I have a project defense to work on. I still have to study. Tell Mark I couldn't attend." He said.

Renjun just nodded at what the older told him and stopped walking when he reached his classroom.

"See you around, hyung." He smiled.


"Koeun-unnie, hurry!" Ningning said, as she grabbed the older's gand and started running.

She wanted to be the first one to arrive at MUREV's gathering room to see the others. Most importantly Renjun.

"Ningning, I know you want to see Renjun but please, we can walk." Koeun sighed, but she just let the younger pull her.

The younger giggled, "I'm sorry!!!" She said and continued running.

There were only three people inside the gathering room when they arrived. The president, which is Mark. The vice president, Song Sihyun, which was also Mark's partner in replace of Eunmi before, and the secretary, Byun Baekhyun, from the college department.

"Good afternoon~" Koeun and Ningning bowed as a sign of respect when they entered the room.

"Oh, you're here early." Baekhyun was surprised to see the two. "Better though, because Sihyun can't relate to anything Mark and I are talking about." He laughed.

Mark shook his head while laughing.

Sihyun huffed, "Koeun-ah, Ningning-ah, could you help me set the speaker and the banners up?" She looked at the two.

Ningning smiled and stood up, "Sure, unnie!"

While Koeun rolled her eyes. "You're such a lazy person." They laughed.

A few minutes later, the club members started to arrive one by one.

"Ning, I don't think he's coming." Koeun whispered.

Ningning was thinking of the same thing, too, but she wasn't losing hope. She was still positive. That maybe, Renjun was just running late and that he's attending the meeting.

She scanned the almost-full room, but there weren't any signs of Renjun.

She sighed, "Maybe you're right, unnie." She smiled weakly. "Maybe he has errands to run. More important than this." She said and looked down. "There will be other meetings, though. I mean, this isn't the last meeting—"

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