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Hey there guys!! I know I should make a face reveal by now, but I'm waiting until we reach 500k! We can do it, I believe in this fandom. And speaking of that, I believe we should all support each other. So I come here asking you to support me on my instagram editing fan page. Long story short it's an editing account, where I make short video edits of the things and people I like. And for now I've done about 3 TUA edits (I promise they are not bad at all!!) but for some reason most of my followers don't really support me, they just follow and that's it. I mean i don't mind it but I want to interact with you guys, it means a lot to me, no kidding. And I worked really hard on those edits but they managed to flop. Actually most of my posts have flopped :(

So please support me @insaneshelbys on instagram. It would mean the world to me. Go comment and like and if u truly liked it then share it around.
You can request here too

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