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Kamyrnn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"Do you have any proof or evidence Mr. Gaulden?" The judge asked my daddy

"I took pictures of her face and printed them out" the police officer came over and got them. He took them to the judge

She studied the picture for a good 3 minutes before speaking again

"okay well from the looks of it, it looks like he slapped her pretty hard. So Mr. Colwelb your not this child's biological father and you don't have permission to put your hands on her. But you chose to slap her?" Everybody looked at him waiting for him to speak

he ain't say shit. Bitch

"Ms. Anderson you are her biological mother and you do have permission to discipline her, but you never once gave Mr. Colwelb permission. Neither of you never once cared to come to the father and at least see what he thinks about Mr. Colwelb disciplining his child. Moment of silence please"

the judge and a few other people was talking for a long time, and I was getting sleepy. Everybody had already spoke on their side of the story. All of our stories didn't add up or sound the same. Well my momma and her boyfriend story didn't add up.

Lying asses.

she started talking again

"Ms. Anderson and Mr. Colwelb you are under arrest for the abuse Of Kamrynn Gaulden. Ms. Anderson Kamyrnn is no longer in your care. She's now in the care of Mr. Gaulden's, thank you. Your dismissed"

Everybody got up and left except for my momma and Marcus. They was getting handcuffed, I really ain't give a fuck for real

We left and went out to eat at IHOP with the rest of the family. Around this time it was 10, and I was still sleepy. I was frustrated too cause ian had no space to eat , and they was to close to me

we left and went home, I took a long nap. I woke up around 3:30. I went downstairs and went to the kitchen to find something to eat. Ain't shit in this bitch to eat

As big as this house is it ain't no food to eat.

I was in the house by myself and I was bored. Ion fuck with nobody, and ion know nobody that live 'round here. 

I went back upstairs to my room and went back to sleep. I woke up to Draco jumping on my bed and shit

"bruh what the fuck" I mumbled to myself as I pulled the covers from off of me looking at him "Kayden I'm finna—" I stopped myself from what I was finna say. That lil nigga a snitch

"KK I want candy" he said and I scrunched my face up. First of all how the fuck you get here?

"Boy ian got no candy, and how you get here?" I asked him and his eyes got wide

"Me?" he pointed at his self

"yes you nigga" I shook my head 'yeah'

"dada" he said

"he downstairs?" he shook his head and I got up out the bed getting ready to go downstairs "come on Draco before the boogeyman get you"

He got up and walked out my room

"Bitch" this lil nigga just called me a bitch

"Stop cussing bad ass boy" we made it downstairs and my daddy was on the couch chilling watching a basketball game.

"So you just chilling but Kayden upstairs in my room jumping on my bed?" I looked at him

"I told him to wake you up" he said turning the tv off and standing up

"why, I was in that good deep sleep?"  I asked confused, I ain't even know it was 10: 30

"youn wanna eat?" he looked at me like I was slow. I chuckled

"yeah, how long y'all been here?" I asked cause I was sleep for a long ass time. That power nap hit different when you ain't got shit to do and you bored

"we been here for a couple of hours" he said going in the kitchen and we followed behind him

"Dada I get juice?" Draco said at the refrigerator

"Kam pour him some juice, and yo' food over there in that bag" he pointed to the bag. I poured him some juice and ate

"so what's the moves tomorrow?" I Asked sitting on the couch

"I got a video shoot and some other stuff, so y'all gone be at Brianna house" I scrunched my face up at him. Really nigga?

"And she suppose to babysitting me?" I laughed cause that was funny

"Nah y'all just gone be there so y'all won't be here by y'all self. If you can wipe yo' ass you can take care of yourself"

"Aight I'm cool with that" Brianna my older cousin, she 20. She fun to be around and have fun with

Everybody went to sleep, and when I woke up it was around 11. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. My daddy wasn't here, I went in Kayden room to see that he was still sleep. That gave me time to find something for us to eat.

I made something to eat, and by the time I was done Draco was up and downstairs being a typical annoying 4 year old. We took showers and we put some clothes on. Brianna came and got us 

"Stanka I missed yo' bad ass" Brianna said playing in my hair

"girl quit calling me that childish ass name" I said laughing, she been calling me that since forever

"no that's yo' name, and why the fuck yo' hair so long?" am I suppose to know?

"ion know, but I'm tryna go somewhere" I told her cause I was bored

"Shaniah and Journie on the way, so we can go somewhere when they get here" Shaniah and Journie is my twin cousins, and they 15. They bad and stay in trouble

Everybody in the family say I'm the bad one and I'm always in trouble

Yeah okay.


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