5(pt.2)•jokes on you

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He'll definitely never get here.

I did chores (and I did get scared because my house represented crimson peak when there were no lights on) just to try and tire myself out. Well, I did get tired, but hypnos never minded cradling me in his arms.

I watched my front door if it creaks open. Read my favorite parts from The Tempest. Ate a bit, went on incognito online. I really can't sleep. And to make matters worse, Chris will probably come here. Or not.

I don't know!

Sometimes he makes jokes, but sometimes he makes truths that appear like a joke to me, or to other people. I've experienced these stuff from him a lot of times already but I can still never tell which is a truth and which is another joke from a natural jocular.

Sickened of the silence, I played classical music. And silently hoped that it could help me sleep.

Or not. What if Chris really comes and I'm asleep?
But then I have to go to a meeting tomorrow. But who are they to judge if I had bags under my eyes? Or will not having eyebags make you look more presentable and disciplined? What about Chris?

"Ugh, please just text me if you're joking." I wish.

Chris was really not predictable. What should I do now?

Toss. Turn. Toss. Turn.

It was 4:47 am and I can't sleep. I'm still anticipating Chris. I don't know what I would do. Should I have a cup of tea? Yes, I should. I missed Jasmine tea.

I was boiling water and I thought that I should get ready for the day. I got my clothes out for today, and started stretching.

My pot whistled, so I came downstairs. I was about to get the pot away from the stove but I heard knocks, so I went to open the door first. It might be the mailman.

"Hi Tom! Are you accommodating anybody? Can you accommodate me?" I know that voice. And how could we miss the face? It's the highlight.

I jokingly close the door and had some thoughts. He really came? Didn't he know that I was in such a chaos, thinking if he would come?

He knocked again and I opened the door.

"Yes...? Or are you gonna kick my sorry ass back to Australia?"

"Well, fine. Just get in."

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