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Khloe Kinsella had always hated the social hierarchy of Kensington Academy

She was just as pretty (if not prettier) as Ellis, but that didn't matter

What mattered was your ability to tear people down, and Khloe was never good at that.

Khloe was never good at that because her dad did it to her mom, and now her mom was dead.

Khloe always knew her parents fought, but she didn't realize how bad it was until her mom woke up everyday with more and more bruises. Her dad was never home, always at work. Her mom just seemed to have all the life sucked out of her.

One day, Katie Kinsella was laying in her bed. She called for Khloe to bring her the Advil bottle. Khloe, the obedient daughter she is, brought her mother the drug. She figured it was just for pain relief . But, later that evening, Katie Kinsella was dead. Cause: drug over dose

no amount of advil could ever cure Khloe's pain.

vv short chapter, butttt a little background on Khloe! hope you enjoyed, be sure to vote + comment

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