Chapter 9

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Unknown's POV

I was just happy she was back with her friends and not with her piece of shit father. "Mom, who are we looking for?"

"Your sister." I answer. They look at me like I'm delusional. They've never met their siblings, Bradley and Ashlynn. Abraham has always told them that they had died in a car crash when they were little. Obviously that was a lie.

I had a dream last night and I all of a sudden got a feeling that its been all of a big lie. He told me they passed while I was on a business trip. I knew he was lying the whole time. Well, not the whole time. One day he had come home and there was a picture of him and the two of them.

That day I had realized that his little "business trips" weren't business trips at all. For 5 years he had been seeing the kids and lying to me saying he had work. That's when I got mad at him. We split up and really never talked to him.

Flash Back

"I can't believe you've been lying to me this whole time! How could you do this Abraham?! Why did you do this?!" I screamed at him. Tears own my face he kept me away from them for all this time. I should've known it from the start. We never had a funeral, there was never a burial. Better than that there were never any bodies!

I should've known from the start.

Flash Back Over

I want to go up to her and just hug her. I haven't done that in awhile.

Daryl's POV

"Yeah there's no way I'm playing charades with ya weirdos. I'm gonna be an adult and go huntin' instead." I say and get out of my seat grabbing my crossbow as I exit.

As I walk into the woods, I hear rustling in one of the bushes. My normal reaction would be to load my crossbow and get ready to shoot at whatever was in there but, I just kind of felt there wasn't really anything there. I shrug my shoulders and do as I normally would do.

As I get closer I see two young kids, a boy and a girl. That look about the same age, they're probably twins or something. I stare at the both of them, the girl just a bit longer. She looked, just like Ashlynn.

I was about to say something, only to hear the click of a gun and the coolness of it press against the back of my head. I sighed, realizing that who ever was behind me was obviously either the mother or father of the kids. I slowly turn around, only to see yet, another female that looked exactly like Ashlynn.

As she looked into my eyes her face changed emotions. Before she really took a long look at me she looked all serious, now she's just staring with no emotion to her face at all.

"You're Daryl, aren't you?" She asks. I step back a little as she steps foward, closer to me. At first I don't give an answer but i eventually just nod my head.

"Yeah, I am Daryl. Why does it matter to ya?" I ask. This lady is fucking creeping me out. How the hell does she know my name. I don't know her.

"Dayl, I'm Ashlynn Rose Ford's mother."

Ashlynn's POV

"Okay, okay so what's this??" Carl asks, and quickly did his little act. Glenn had the best idea ever to play charades. I think the only that wasn't having fun was Daryl. Obviously Daryl being a party pooper he is, got up and left a one point in time.

Carl made a fish and started mouthing words. What could he possibly be trying to say?!

"Oh! Oh! I know, I know!" Glenn called out like a child would do at school. Glenn yelled, "Finding Nemo!" Carl finally stopped putting on his little fish act said, "Fianlly!" We all laughed, although he really didn't go up a very long time ago. He was really only up there for about 5 minutes.

"Stop complaining you weren't even up there for that long." Michonne said rolling her eyes.

Before anything else could happen, Daryl bursted through the doors. "Fuck, I knew this wasn't going to last forever!" I thought to myself. I picked up my knife and started to walk outside. I knew that we would have to leave soon beacuase of the walking dead.

"Where ya goin' Ash?" Daryl asks. I stop, turn around and sigh.

"Its obvious ya came in here to tell us that we gotta pack and leave this place." I say, he slowly shakes his head. "Oh." I say and walk back to my seat on the couch.

"Ashlynn, your mother is standing outside those doors."

Flash Back (15 years old)

I skip my way off the bus, Daryl and Glenn right behind me. Today had been a good day at school. I found out a lot of stuff. I aced 5 of the 6 tests I had taken last week, the new cute boy likes me. Today was just great.

"You guys wanna meet at the field after homework?" I ask. "Sure!" Daryl yells. He was already two houses away, while Gelnn was still standing next to me. "That would be great!" Glenn said, and walked to his house the opposite way of Daryl, to the right.

I walked up the small pathway to my house and skipped up the steps. I opened the door, it was quiet but, I could hear soft sobs towards the back of the house. I walked in farther, still quite confused about the crying.

"What's going?" I ask. My father sat on the couch, his Iarge hands holding his head up. Bradley sat next to him tears dripping down his face.

"Ashlynn, mom's dead." Those three words made me loose it.

Flash Back Over

My knife fell from my hand asI stood back up. My mother's alive....


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