Vicious Cycle

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Practice had just ended as I began to make my way out of the gym. I saw Adriana on a park bench, with only her mom by her side, crying.

   Why is she so sad? I thought to myself, scared to approach her. I wanted to make her feel better, but at the same time, I understood that we were new friends and didn't want to make her uncomfortable. I wasn't sure what had happened, but it felt as though heart break surrounded her. I was aware she had a boyfriend, so maybe he broke up with her?

   I walked in her direction still and took a seat beside her after placing my bags on the ground.

   She turned in my direction and, although we were friends, I'm not sure she was aware that I was the one sitting on her left side. She leaned in my direction slightly, as if to lay her head on my shoulder.

   With my natural instinct, both as a friend and as my overwhelming inability to leave others sad kicked in, I leaned in closer to her, ready to completely wrap her in my embrace. However, she realized I was not who she thought I was, whoever that may be, and leaned to her right side where her mother was sat.

   As she sat with her head rested against her mother, she realized that I was ready to fully embrace her, despite my lack of knowledge over the situation, I was ready to comfort her.

   Her green eyes began to glow as this realization set in. We stared into each other's eyes, as if we both were trying to solve the puzzle that was the others thoughts and emotions, as if to find their souls.

   She removed herself from her mother and whipped her tears. "I'm fine now, thank you," she said to her mother with a genuine smile before looking at me. Her mother walked off, and my friends began to crowd the table to sit with us for lunch.

   As we ate and talked, she continued to lean her head against my shoulder, doing her best not to make it obvious. With a huge grin on my face, I leaned back against her as if to make her aware that I felt it too, the warmth that was brought simply by being beside her.

   We had somehow ended up on a couch, although it did not seem unusual. The couch was similar to a poolside chair, in the sense that it stretched out where your butt was meant to go so you could comfortably lounge.

She laid back, and natural, I joined her. My other friends didn't seem to notice. A movie began to play, but I wasn't paying much attention. I was looking at her, enjoying her company. She wrapped her arms around me and tangled our legs together. She was actually cuddling me!! My anxiety instantly shot up as I realized what was happening. I managed to, somehow, remain calm externally, but inside, I was freaking out.

I walked her home and left feeling elated, with only her on my mind. We had become official. We were a couple. Although, we were a secret. Not a bad or dirty kind of secret, just a secret you didn't tell because you don't want others giving their unwanted opinions on the matter.

Everyday, as soon as my class had ended, I sprinted across campus to be on time to see her. Our campus, however, was similar to that of a college in the sense that it was so vast. It had streets and stores between class buildings. I would make it there just as she left her building, always in time to walk her to practice, where we stayed beside each other the whole time.

We were constantly clinging to each other. Holding hands, hugging, and fundamentally exemplifying all displays of affection.

One day, my class had run longer than expected. I had to take a short cut, running through the store I worked at on campus to make my trip faster. I somehow ended up with an item in my hand, setting off the alarm before I would run out. My boss, the owner, accused me of trying to steal from her and fired me on the spot.

I attempted to explain myself, but after checking my watch, I realized it was no use and I did not have the time. I had to get to my girl.

As I finally showed up, I noticed she was at the table on the hill, where we had first began our little relationship. However, she was hunched over, arms covering her face, crying.

"What's wrong babe?" I asked, ready to beat anyone at a moments notice.

"Don't talk to me, I don't want to go through this again."

"Please? Just tell me what's wrong?"

"Why were you late? Do you not want me anymore?" she asked, her voice cracking in the last sentence from her tender throat.

I walked up to her and wiped her tears from her cheeks with the pads of my thumbs before hugging her tightly.

I handed her a basket full of little goodies that I had bought while in the store earlier before sitting beside her and taking her hands in mine.

"You're my world. I don't know what I'd do or where I'd be without you. I know what you've been through before, and I'm here to make sure you never have to go through it again. You deserve all of the happiness in the world, and I plan to give it to you."

She smiled and blushed before attempting to hide her face in her hands. God she's so cute!! I smiled at her and looked her into her eyes.

"Come on cutie, we got places to be," I said, cause her to let out a chuckle as she stood to grab her things. We walked hand in hand to a little cafe where we took seats outside.

   We stared into each other's eyes and a light blush crept up both of our necks. "I kind of want to....kiss you right now." I managed to get out. "That's such a cliche," I laughed. "But honestly, so are we." She smiled as I leaned in to kiss her.

   She didn't kiss back.

   I immediately took notice of this and broke the kiss before beginning to freak out. "I'm so sorry. I didn't even ask you if you wanted that I-"

   She cut me off with a laugh and held my hand to let me know she wasn't mad. "I did, more than anything. Just, you know how my nerves can get." I smiled and nodded.

   She leaned in and sealed the kiss.

My heart began to beat out of my chest as I realized she was kissing me back, and suddenly, I was awake.

I took a deep breath, fingers pressed against my lips, and sighed. Adrenaline and joy rushed through my veins as I realized what had just happened. Butterflies managed to fill my stomach as clouds filled my mind.

   The vicious cycled was continued, as it hit me like a bus: I liked Adriana.
OOO WHAT A TURN THAT TOOK HUH?? Thoughts? opinions? What's gonna happen next?? hmmm

Just to be clear, this whole chapter was a dream (why none of the chronological order made sense) other than the end, so none of that actually happened and you've still only known her for a day.

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