Chapter 21: The battle

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When you arrived, you saw Kokabiel in the air, sitting on his throne and Valper on the ground, doing a some sort of ritual with the fragments of the Excalibur while Akeno the rest we're fighting the dark minions that Kokabiel summoned.

Once Kokabiel saw you, he decided to spice things up as he summons a black and fiery orange magic circle on the ground. Upon summoning the 3 magic circles, a three-headed dog appeared on each of the circles as the dogs roared loudly and faced Akeno and the rest.

Kokabiel - With this pets, nothing can stop me. Valper are you done?

Valper - Not yet. Only a few minutes left.

Akeno - It can't be........ She said in shock.

Xenovia - Those are the Cerberus. A three-headed dog mythical creature that act as guard at the Gates of Hell. It is also the pet of the God of the Underworld, Hades. She explained.

Kiba - Valper...... Your reign of terror will be over as soon as I kill you..... He said angrily and gritting his teeth.

Valper then looked at Kiba and said,

Valper - Well, well, well. If it isn't Kiba, the only survivor of the Holy Sword Project. He said while smirking evilly.

Kiba - I came here to get revenge on my comrades. He said angrily while wielding the Sword of Betrayal.

You then pat Kiba's shoulder and said,

Y/n - Don't let your anger get you, Kiba. You reminded him.

Kiba - I know, Y/n. It's just that, when I saw or remember that face of him really pisses me off.

Y/n - I'll let you kill him while me and the others are dealing with the Cerberus.

Kiba - Right.

Kiba then faced Valper as he summons skeletons wielding swords and shields.

Back to Y/n and the rest.

You and your friends faced the dark minions including the three demon dogs. You then let out your white aura as the rest prepared themselves for the battle.

You then looked above and saw Kokabiel looking at you while smiling evilly.

Y/n - You! You there! Kokabiel was your name is it?

Kokabiel - Yes. Indeed.

Y/n - If you continue your evil ways, we will be here to stop you.

The rest - We agree.

Kokabiel - Oh please. I'm just here to create another Great War.

Y/n - And why is that? You said while glaring at him.

Kokabiel - Because I'm a war lover.

Y/n - Really? Is that it? You deadpanned to him.

Kokabiel - What? You've got a problem with that? He said clearly annoyed on your cocky attitude.

Y/n - Well, of course I am. I'm not going to let you destroy this place even if I will bet my life into it. You said seriously.

Akeno - ~My, my. I like that attitude of yours. *giggle*~

You then ignored what Akeno said and faced Kokabiel who stand up from his throne letting out his 10 black angel wings from his back.

Kokabiel - As you can see, I am a ten-wing fallen angel. Meaning my power is more superior than any other fallen angel.

Y/n - It doesn't matter to me if you have 10 wings or more than that. I came here to stop whatever your plan is and I'm gonna use all of my power to save this place.

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