Heathers Mini-Shots! (McNamawyer and JDronica)

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Hey, everyone! I hope you enjoy the first Mini-Shots, I apologize in advance if they aren't spectacular. Other than that, enjoy!

JDronica: Veronica's POV

"JD!" I cross my arms as I pout with a quivering lip

"What?" JD cocked a brow

"You didn't get me chocolate!"

"Oh, I must've forgotten them at the 7/11, do you want to grab them with me?" JD offered

"Yeah, I guess so, I have nothing to do anyway!" I slung my purse around my shoulder

I search for my helmet and put it on along with my black, leather biker jacket as we went out the front door. JD revs up his motorcycle, and I get on behind him. Holding his waistline tightly, we zoom down the road to the nearest gas station.

As we arrived, we excitedly hopped off the bike and rushed into the store to find a cheap box of chocolates. The two of us searched around the small iron shelves and found none of the sweet treats we- I mean- I desire. I quickly find JD and start to ramble about how there's nothing sweet entering my oral orifice as we went up to the counter.

"Ah, it's you," a small Korean fidgeted with her nails

"Heather Duke," I bounce

"What are you two doing here?" Duke responded

"Getting no chocolate... what about you?" I shrugged playfully

"Boring... at least Mac is suffering with me, right Mac?"

Mac stirs from an untapped slumber and opens an eye and looks up towards us. Her body coiled like a snake and slithered up the counter as Duke and I were talking.

"So anyways, Veronica and I should get going, we have something prearranged in our bedroom!" JD winked

"Eww, I'm allergic to shrimp!" Duke gagged

"Hey, it's a bit more than average!" the boy retorted

"I have a pet raccoon that'd like to rip it off for you!" Mac snapped

"My oh my, why it's magical time for us to leave!" JD grabbed my wrist as we swiftly exited the store.

McNamawyer: Veronica's POV

Mac is such a child at heart. Each week we go buy candy and apple juice. Might I mention that she makes pillow forts? We hide away in a pillow fortress every week and don't come out until Saturday. Today was notably different, however, as I entered her house, I noticed something off.

"Ahoy, matey!" A distant chime of a teenager bellowed through my ears

Heather McNamara slid down a rope hanging from the top of the tallest floor. She jogged towards me and handed a bandana along with an eyepatch.

"Come on lass don't be a Scrooge!" the female captain giggled

As time passed, I realized that Mac is the most innocent girl I've ever met. At least more so than Chandler. Heather Chandler probably couldn't define 'innocent,' or she'd reply with, "Don't know what that means, I'm the opposite of it," or something like that.

After hours of talking and playing, I grew weak and weary, it was time for a break.

"Heather, can we take a break? I'm tired!" I yawned

"Yeah, I'm parched as well, want me to take you to the captain's quarters to rest, my dear?" Mac said as she carried me bridal style

"I see there's no way out, hmm... oh captain, my captain!" I cried dramatically

"You were the booty all along, my darling!"

We enter the 'captain's quarters,' and Mac tosses my slender body onto the mattress and pulls the starlight blanket off the ceiling and places it on the both of us. Naturally, I cuddle up to Mac, due to her taller frame and just talk to each other about our day and nights. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope you enjoyed these Mini-Shots! Also, I'm planning on doing a 'Ask the Heathers Cast' thing soon, so if you want, ask some of the characters questions, and they will be answered in a later part.



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