{TRAINEE #70 - #73}

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Username: NNSSRRRHLLLEEGDTKKName: Lee AejeongStage Name:AceNickname(s): Ace, AA, Jeong, Jeonggie, RamenAge: 17DOB: 11/27/2001Height: 5'4 (162

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Name: Lee Aejeong
Stage Name:Ace
Nickname(s): Ace, AA, Jeong, Jeonggie, Ramen
Age: 17
DOB: 11/27/2001
Height: 5'4 (162.5 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
(Both the height and weight are actually her face claims height & weight)
Blood Type: A
Birthplace // Hometown:Daegu South Korea| Gumi South Korea
Nationality: Korean

Personality: So she's a little bit of a strange kid. She can be very mature when she needs to be but is really internally nine and will forever remain that way. She is the kind of person that cares for her friends and family more than anything but will also tease them and joke with them. Because of events in her life though, she's depressed and has a little bit of an abandonment issue... She's usually just strange and is the kind of girl that will send memes at four in the morning just for the heck of it. She tends to get anxious when people disappear and she likes speaking to people and making them smile. She's very loyal and caring even if she doesn't like to show it. She also hates speaking about her actual personal life too and her expression will always darken at the subject, but she is usually, generally perky. She's very dorky and extra and will do anything for the people she loves. 

- She tends to run to the roof of all places for peace and to clear her head or to simply escape
- She has a really bad habit of sneaking out for ramen and all of her fans know about it
- Saying oof and yeet at everything
- Bothering the guy she considers her 'dad' (Jihoonie)
- Making fists like arthur when angry
- Writing in her journal

- Her family, fake family, & friends
- Ramen
- Playing the guitar, rapping, singing, & dancing
- Got7 and as of recently, Ed Sheeran
- Anime and memes

- Her dad
- Onions (even though she is one)
- Horror movies
- Being called short
- People leaving [ironic, right- hahahahaaaa;;]

Background: She grew up in a fairly loving and caring family and a demon cat. She has two younger sisters and two fraternal twin brothers and the oldest of the younger sisters owns the demon cat. She grew up basically with Choi Saeyoung aka Mars aka Hei Hei the Chicken (also former nightlight idol) and they're best friends and basically siblings. A year after her brothers were born, her father got into a car wreck and damaged his frontal lobe, completely changing his personality. He left the family and she's hated him since. At age 15 she joined Nightlight Ent and trained for about a year before being sent to produce 101 where she won center/1st place and debuted with 1OfAKind. During that time she made many friends and met another one of her best friends, Soojin. After almost a year with 1OfAKind, she was pulled out by the nightlight ceo and debuted in a group called Genesis. While she loves the people at Nightlight, due to recent events, she has left the company and has been taken a place in Monster as a trainee.


Park Junwoo//52//father//currently unemployed

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