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The moment I set foot into Adler High I can feel everyone's eyes on me. The last time I gained school-wide attention was back in middle school when my bra was displayed for the entire school. Everyone saw the size of my bee stings. 

I forget how fun that was.

This time it feels different though. I don't feel powerless and embarrassed.

Knowing that people thought I was the girlfriend of the school's golden boy made me feel like ten times more confident.

I just pray that I don't run into Gen or Josh. I'm not ready for that yet.

So maybe not so confident.

At least I have my best friend's support. This morning Caroline offered to pick me and Tori up-- for moral support purposes, of course. She still wasn't too excited about the plan, but she's still supporting me. We bowed to not say anything.

We split up in the parking lot, I have to meet Peter first.

I make my way through the hallways with my head up, trying to ignore all the eyes and whispers directed at me.

I spot Peter by his locker, he's grabbing some of his books. His backpack over his shoulder, and lacrosse stick leaned on one of the lockers next to him. His hair perfect as always.

"Hi," I greet him.

He doesn't look at me, but he smirks.

He knows.

He knew all along that I would say yes.  

"Hi Tessie," he replies.

I wanna punch him. Am I doing the right thing here?

"Let's do this," I say in the most confident tone I can manage, before I change my mind.

He locks his brown eyes with mine, and he smiles. That charming smile that has all the girls going crazy. The Peter K smile.

He closes his locker, and then it all happens so fast. Next thing I know, his hand is on my waist and he's pulling me towards him, connecting our lips together. He moves his soft lips against mine, but I am completely taken a back that I just manage to rest my hand on his forearm.

He pulls away and he looks down at me smiling. He's definitely enjoying this.

But how dare he kiss me just like that?

I look around, and the few people in the hallway are staring.

I laugh nervously, and look at Peter, "I- I'm going to history," I announce awkwardly.

He grabs my hand, "I'll walk you."

The last time Peter held my hand was freshman year the night of the election. When he came to my house to see me. He new that the election hit home for me and my family, and so he came to show me his support. He held my hand for ten minutes.

I felt comfort.

This is the first time I have ever walked hand in hand with a boy at school. It should feel more significant and special, but I feel nothing.

Maybe because it's not real.

More eyes are on us, but Peter is great at keeping a confident image. He just smiles and waves at everyone. All I can do is smile as if everything is normal. Me and Peter Kavinsky.

The new star couple at Adler High.

We pass in front of Emily Nussbaum, Gen's best friend, and I stifle a laugh when she does a double take. I'm surprised she doesn't just take out her phone to take a picture. Now for sure Gen knows.

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