Here we are, Once Again

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So, I want y'alls opinion on something. I've started another project and it's loosely based on Harry Potter. It's not a fan fic, but I was just wondering what you guys thought 💭 I'm going to post a sample of it soon.

I read and love all of your comments, even if I don't respond, I read every single one 😊 I absolutely love the theories ❤️ hope you are all doing well.


"I hate you, I hate you, I hate you." I hit Theodore again and again as we got further away from the barn. And thus, my freedom.

The small crack of light, that had been a pinpoint in the darkness of the night, disappeared. Oliver must've cut out the candles in the barn. I looked over to the house as we passed it and my heart clenched painfully.

There was Esme, standing in a nightgown. I could see she was cold as her arms crossed her chest and her small body quivered.

"Esme!" I knew it was selfish, but I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay.

"Blue!" She jumped from the slight porch and ran towards me. I reached out my arms as Theodore ignored what was happening. Esme's own arms flung out towards me as she drew closer.

Hope flared throughout my body. Somehow she could stop this.

Her fingertips brushed mine before arms materialized from the darkness and yanked her back.


Oliver seemed to step out of nowhere, from the darkness itself. And now he held a squirming Esme against his chest. "Esme." His face was stern as he tried to control her small body.

For the first time in a long while I felt the stinging of tears in my eyes.

"But Olly!" Esme yelled as her face wrinkled in confusion, "They're taking her." She continued to struggle, but only half heartedly as her confusion distracted her from her fight. She kept glancing back and forth between the two of us, trying to connect dots that even I couldn't grasp at.

I watched as he ran a hand through his hair and tugged at the ends, before pulling Esme back towards the house, back up the porch steps, and then inside.

The sound of the door shutting made my body go limp. There was nothing for me to do, I've exhausted all my options. The people who could help me weren't, and I couldn't physically get myself out of my current situation. That only left me one option. I was going to have to suffer through whatever Theodore wanted from me.

Same old shit.

I kicked out my legs in frustration.

He swatted the back of my thighs, "Stop your squirming, it's annoying."

"Annoying? You don't say." I fluttered my legs again, trying to dig my knees as hard as I could into his chest. I wanted him to be in pain.

Theodore's body shifted to the side as he leaned to his left. I couldn't see what was happening so I had no idea where we were going, but I assumed that we were getting into something that would take us back to the manor.

I knew they didn't walk here. They wouldn't do such a thing.

Everything was so dark. It was impossible to see what was going on. I heard a soft consistent thumping sound and then a quiet neigh, confirming my thoughts. A moment later I was thrown onto a soft cushioned seat. My head swirled as another bout of dizziness took over from my transition from being upside down to right side up.

I huddled my body the furthest from the two as I could get as they clambered into the carriage after me and pressed my hands to the side of my head to try to steady myself.

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