Part Seven

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Liam takes me to his house. He only sets me down when we are in the bathroom. He cleans my nose-which had started to bleed again. Then he rinses his knuckles which were split from punching David. When he dries his hands, he turns to me to say something. But that's when the tears come.

"Shhh," he whispers and he pull me to him. I sob into his chest.

"T-thank you," I choke.

He just hugs me tighter and takes me to his couch. I know I can trust him. I'm just so emotional, I spit out everything.

The fact my whole family hates me for the stuff I like- I wasn't some church-going, bubbly goody-too shoes- and the fact that I had gotten with David cause I thought it was what I deserved. What I needed. That maybe if he beated me, I would change and my family would love me again.

"That's not what you deserve Hayley," he says.

"I k-know that now. But it's still hard to believe," I cry.

"Hayley, you shouldn't think like that. You are beautiful! And brave. And funny and fun! And..."

"Liam, I really like you," I spit out. Oh my god....did I really just say that? Sure that's how I felt but...

"I like you too Hayley."

Holy shit!! He likes me! He likes me! He....likes me? I was a emotional mess on his couch and he actually likes me?

Liam hugs me and leans in. My eyes close and the next thing we are kissing. I cup my hands around his face. He puts his arms around my waist. We pull apart and he holds me as we lie on the couch.

I fell asleep that way. I felt safe in Liam's arms. I actually felt safe again.

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