They find a fanfic about y'all

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-he's trash like the rest of us and becomes obsessed

"Hey babe! It's time to go."

"Wait I need to make sure you didn't kill yourself..nope okay we can go."

-when you're bored he'll read it to you

-he gets so invested it's crazy

"This is kinda dumb."

-he thinks a few of them are unrealistic bc they don't depict you guys very well

-but he really likes this one and he rereads it over and over bc he's a hoe

-he is always talking out as if yelling will change the story he's read and learned EVERY word to

-oh he L I V E S for your fanfics

-he thinks they're hilarious at how accurate and wrong they can be

-he also gets pressed bc sometimes he'll ask you to do stuff and you refuse

"Story y/n would've done it in a heartbeat."

"Jack shut up! I'm not gonna lick your toes."

-things are getting a little wild at Caillou's house

-He found a SMUT fanfic of y'all

-he laughed a hell of a lot

"Damn y/n we have to try this!"

-Pervy Jew mode activated

-sometimes when you're trying to be serious or eat he'll read it to you just to throw you off

"Stooop Jesus does not approve!!¡1!!¡"

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