Critical Mass

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My focus shifts from day to day

Wherever need is great

The energy that pours through me

Can alter someone's fate

Attract, repel, magnetic force,

Universal power

All aspects of a school of thought

Gaining by the hour

The dwelling place of any mind

Will draw more of the same

Envisioned fruit that's ripened full

Kept in the heart, it's claim

The most important part of wish,

Clarity of vision

Leaves open to the universe

The manifest decision

I've joined intention groups that got

Positive reaction

To a sickness headed off

Much to our satisfaction

Even now, across the world

I join with minds alike

Sending avalanched intent

For every lucky strike

A growing mass, gone critical

Emitting energy

May ease the changing things to come

A better you and me

Richard Higley © Sept 2012

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