The Journey to the City of Love

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After a sleepless night staring at the whitewashed roof, my eyes started to burn. I picked up my smartphone again, booking a ticket for a one way trip to Paris the next afternoon.

Aruvi can't miss school, because of the strict regulations on absences at her school. I can't leave her at my parents', since I'm not ready to face them without sorting out my problems with Aniket.

I decide to leave Aruvi in the care of Alisha, since the two have become best buds; and partially because Alisha possesses a wired magic trick to calm Aruvi down. Alisha has that calming effect on me as well. I guess it's because of her job as a gynecologist. She receives patients with all sorts of problems from food to abortion.

The morning sun rises at the tedious pace of a turtle, and I sit near the window of my office, a hand fisted over my cheek in boredom. I wait for Alisha's shift to start, letting Aruvi sleep in for a while. The angel deserves it, after she has woken up every single day at the complicated schedule I dictated over her. Four in the morning really got her sluggish throughout the start of her days, but it helped me ready her within my busy schedule.

I speed walk through the hall, gasping as I reach the end of the same corridor. Pregnant ladies deserve an award for restraining our use of profanity every three seconds.

Alisha's door is closed, but the light inside the room escapes through the creaks of the door, betraying the occupant in the room. I bite my lip, wondering if Alisha would agree to take care of Aruvi in her busy schedule. I'm not asking for much. The only responsiblities she would have regarding Aruvi would be to drop and pick her to and from school, and pack up the lunch my mother secretly drops off to the security at the front of the hospital. Aruvi washes her own lunch box and her uniform. I've taught my baby to be independent in my frequent absences concerning work.

I barge in through the door, as I always do to enter my best friends' office and find the most shocking thing I've payed eyes on.

Alisha sits on the hand-washing station, her hand supporting her weight while Aarav stands between her thighs, kissing Alisha passionately on the lips. My jaw drops as the two continue to indulge in their activities, not acknowledging my presence in the room.

I look at my watch, giving them an ounce of privacy while pretending to be waiting for their atrocities to stop in their workplace.

I'm their boss.

Except, I can't keep up the act. My cheeks are bright, betraying my shyness, and pure embarrassment at catching them in the passionate act.

I pat my cheeks, demanding them to stop this nonsense, especially when my glowing skin reveals the blush so blatantly.

I can't deal with this. Their still kissing, for god's sake! Alisha has thrown the bone and Aarav came wagging his tail. That's how it works with my best friend. She might seem calm and serene, but there's a tigress disguised in that thin body.

I clear my throat.

The two spring apart, but Aarav's hands are still reluctant to part Alisha's waist. I clear my throat again and Alisha giggles like a hormonal teenager.

Giving up on my threatening facade, I sigh, shaking my head. Aarav kisses Alisha lightly on the cheek, moving on to whisper something in her ear. Alisha's blush deepens, and her eyes flit to mine. She smiles sheepishly, pushing Aarav away. Aarav chuckles, waving at her before turning to exit the room. He trudges past me without a single embarrassed glance.

Once he exits the door, I close it behind me, and face Alisha. I swear, my next action was the most cheekiest, girlish thing I've ever done in my life.

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