Chapter 4

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Zander POV
While I was walking out of the building faith feel asleep in my arms which was the cutest thing so i took a selfie. I didn't really buy things for my princess yet so me and nick are gonna go to the mall.

I reached to the car and saw nick with his phone. I guess he sensed me there so he looked up at me with the biggest smile looking at faith.

"Dude she so cute and precious."

" I know dude"

"Whats her name Zander?"

"Faith Isabelle Parker"

I said with the biggest smile.

"Thats a beautiful name dude. So where are we going now?"

"To the mall bro we didn't buy stuff for faith yet."

Nick nodded. I pass him faith since I wanted to drive. Nick set faith on his lap since we didn't buy a car seat yet. On our way to the mall faith started to move around and she woke up.

She looked at who she was sitting on and when she noticed it wasn't me. She started screaming and crying her life out. I was so shocked plus I was driving. Nick was trying to calm her down but she was pushing and kicking nick away.

"Princess, look here, look at me i'm right here"

She looked at me while I was looking back at road, at the same time trying to look at her. She was still crying but she calm down a little. I stopped around the conner of a street and looked at her. Nick was just speechless. You should see his reaction if was the funniest shit i've seen.

I was trying to hold my laughter in. I open my arms for faith to come sit with me and without thinking she just jumped and sat on my lap and started sucking a thumb. I turn the radio up a bit and she relax even more. And i started to drive.

"Bro what the hell did I do?"

"Sorry nick, I forgot to tell you that she has a very bad past. I would tell you about it but I don't want to talk about it infront of her so we will talk once were home."

Nick nodded. I decided I should introduce her to nick since she going to be seeing him a lot more.


She looked up at me.

"I would like to introduce you to your uncle nick."

She looked at nick and wave and nick smiled. She became shy and hid her face at my chest. Nick just laughed.

"Hi faith, I'm your favourite uncle nick and i'm better than Zander."

He said with a smirk. I just glared at him. Faith just giggled. She started to became comfartable with nick which was a good progress.

"I'm sorry princess, I didn't tell you that you were gonna sit with nick."

"Its okay Zander."

She said smiling. Our ride to the mall was pretty quiet after that other than the radio.

Once we reached to the mall there were like hundreads of paparazzi.

"Shit! Nick there are so many paparazzies. How did they even know we're gonna come here?"

"Ohhhh Zander you said a bad word!"

Faith said with a pout.

"Sorry princess"

"Zander i'll try to cover for you and faith while we go in. Sounds good?"


"Princess I want you to hold me tight when were going in the mall. Okay?"

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