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Even though I'm engaged to the guy, I never sleep at David's nor does he sleep here anymore other than the pillow fort. It's some weird unspoken thing that we never really established. It never gets brought up and if it even gets remotely mentioned, it turns into some joke to laugh at.

I chewed a snack I had slowly and checked my phone to see if anything new had happened. When I realize that I haven't spoken to David today, I checked his story which consisted of him complaining and ranting about how his AC broke and how he can't handle it. Drama Queen. I'm guessing the LA Heat was too much for the Slovak and he's out here wanting pity for his broken conditioning.

I'm not one to handle heat and I never really have to unless I need to but to share it on social media? I'll never know I guess.

David's POV

I seriously can't fucking focus on editing my vlog in this heat. I told  Natalie maybe a hundred thousand times that the AC was going to stop working and I should've bet money on it.

My hair is sticking to my forehead,neck,you name it. Black can't cover all the sweat stains too.





Why do I even pay her?

"What?",she said calmly,looking at her phone.

"Aren't you sweating?",I asked as she appeared unbothered.

She shrugged blankly and began calling for repairmen to fix whatever the fuck they need to do so I can work in peace.

I sighed and let my head fall back into the couch where I was basically like a ball in the corner. I took off my hoodie a long ass time ago and now I'm thinking about taking my sweatpants off in front of Natalie.

I looked up at my ceiling and spaced out until a text brought me back to my situation again.

'D. D. Stop posting about your sorry ass AC and come to my house.',the text from Y/N read.

She's been calling me DD cause of my initials and honestly I'd usually tell someone to stop that but it suits her. And also vlogging her house would be such good vlog footage with the boys. I've been there and it's fucking huge,in fact I even thought about kicking her out of her own house. And I have been posting my misery too much. I graciously accepted her offer and got the boys ready to head off for vlog footage.


I combed my hair quick as I rushed to fix tiny details on the mirror near the door. I was rushing because I didn't expect David to accept my offer that fast. I'm a dumbass too.

"Blanca? Can you wipe this window down?",I told my helper who literally is my fucking mom. She's so cute.

She nodded and quickly went to work. Wiping and listening to her fast paced music, She hummed away and did as she was asked.

I sighed and looked around the living room that was big enough for a whole family's apartment. I know I spend money on stupid shit but I loved buying the mansion and don't regret it.

The only thing I absolutely hate about my house is its way too big. It reminds me that I'm basically all alone. I don't have many true friends, I don't have much family that live here,I don't have kids, and my fake fucking fiancé doesn't live here.

Suddenly I heard a knock signaling that the guard let David in so I jogged to the door. I had to check one more time that everything was presentable and I opened the door to let him in.

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