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to my mini me,

yes you are getting older, but you are still way too young to read wattpad even if the only thing you read is my "story". there are too many big word, curse words, and stupid jokes you don't need to fill your pure mind with on this website/app. and i won't mention the amount of PG-13 and R rated stuff you can accidentally run into otherwise my parents won't even let me read wattpad. however, one day you will reach double digits plus a few years and you can read just how special and amazing you were before the world corrupted you.

orianna, you are one of the most full of life souls i have ever met. you're never failing energy-wait that's a lie-you're almost never failing energy amazes me. and as long as you don't get to cool for me i will always dance with you in public, give you piggy back rides, and of course twin nail polish with you.

you're genuinely funny, but also have a genuine heart...for the most part. you do call me fat and lazy whenever we facetime, but you make up for it by wanting to be like me and also saying "ate mia i wish you can teleport here. i missed you"

you act like you can sing better than me, but you can't. you act like you can model better than me, but you can't. however, the fact you try to be as awesome as me touches my heart. (also i'm totally kidding, you would probably have a better shot at winning american idol and miss universe, but what kind of cousin would i be if i didn't insult you for an entire paragraph...ya know?)

you're facetiming me right now and you're getting wildly impatient, so i'll stop this letter for now.

i love you to jupiter and back. i pinky promise. kiss the pinky put it on my forehead and all that jazz

thank you for saying i'm you're favorite cousin instead of mica and marco and maria

addition to previous letter even though we are still on facetime: i want you to have every amazing thing in this world, but there's a lot of drama and crap you have to deal with. people can suck. school can suck. basically anything can suck. but i'm here for you to listen to all of your drama. it's what i've been doing for the past years of your life and i will continue to do so. my greatest wish for you is you find your people. not a perfect boy or anything. but your people as in your best friends. the kind of people who don't take your crap, but don't go out of their way to hurt you. the kind of people who tease you and make you want to kill them sometimes, but who love you endlessly. the kind of people who treat others as nice as they treat you. the kind of people that send you texts in science, so when you wake up from your nap in science you smile. and the kind of people that were strangers at one point but now are family. i want you to find those people and hold on to them because they're unique and amazing, like you.

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