Broken Beyond Repair

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"What has she done today?"

I stared at Anna in concern, her pale eyes fixed on the Crystal Princess sleeping outside the door. The curtains in front of the sparkling windows were dancing in the cool breeze, orange glowing from the horizon. "Not much. She stays in her bed until sundown, sits in her chair and watches the fire until she gets back into bed." Anna kept her gaze on her, sweeping a piece of golden hair behind her ear. "Oh Gods... What has she gone through?"
"...a lot." I whispered. "Keep me in touch, okay?" She spoke, already walking down for her classes. I wondered how much Aurora had been through without us knowing. She had layers to her that's I have never seen before, a person so complex that I'm afraid to explore.

The more important question was if she could be saved.

Aurora slowly crawled out of bed, joints cracking like firewood as she extended her arms. Her hair was dry and knotted together, her pastel pink accents swirling together. Blue eyes stared into our souls. Her nails were dirty and cracked. She hadn't spoken a word for the whole time I brought her back to Crystal.

"Let me speak to her." I heard a soft voice say beside me. The sound of heavy robes dragged against the marble floor. The King gracefully walked towards Aurora, his face still youthful despite his age. Daemona flowed off his tongue like silk. With me and Anna being Angels, I couldn't decipher the ancient language no matter how hard I tried.

(Aurora's POV)
My overdrive from a couple of nights prior had knocked me unconscious for several days. Fatigue rammed through my body as I stood up. The walls of my throat felt like they were peeling off, the taste of blood settling within my dry mouth. I didn't say anything, my throat so dry and sore that it hurt to breathe through my mouth.

"I thought I would never see you again."
My father voice was like velvet. It always was. His robes were a dark purple this time, gold talismans and markings etched onto its exquisite material. "Why are you so upset?" He questioned, clearly misunderstanding my whole situation entirely. "Sophie. Lily. Mai... Marcus." Anger flowed through me like scolding water.

I turned towards my father, cupping his cheeks and moving my ridged nails along his exposed throat. For me, killing him would be easy. A shadow to the neck or stomach, maybe a flash of light. "He doesn't understand me. Nobody does. It would better if—"
A familiar voice called from a distance, interrupting me.


Even my own bloodline seemed to fear me, my father's eyes more cautious than they were before I was gone. His breathing became irregular, his chest rising and falling in sharp beats. I could sense his heartbeat, his pulse thumping in my head. He was scared.

"Because of me."


I shifted on my feet, swivelling around to see Jay looking at me. His fawn hair was swept back and his eyes seemed yellow within the early sun rays. Just like my father, his breathing was shallow and quick, his white aura radiating from his body. He bowed to the royal as dark billowing lengths of material left the room. "Just me and him. I want him to tell me now."  I thought as the door clicked shut, footsteps turning into taps on wood. "I should've of warned you sooner. I couldn't of done something to help you but I didn't know that—"
"You knew?" I growled, teeth becoming sharp and voice raising. Jay stepped back, taken back by my outburst. "...what? No! I just heard Melissa and—"
"So you did  know. You didn't tell me...did you?"
"I had no time! I was too—"
"He knew about it. He didn't tell me anything. He let my friends get taken away." Something in my body raged, pressing against my head and chest like a raging bull. I stared at him with fury dancing in my eyes.

I shattered completely and launched myself at him.

(Jay's POV)
Aurora threw herself at me so fast I thought she was flying, slamming into me at full speed. My back collided with the wall, the top of my spinal column snapping back and forth at the sheer force of the blow. Stinging pain rushed to my cheeks from the cuts she had made with her nails. Air rushed out of my lungs and the corners of my vision caved in. Blood leaked on my face, on my neck, on my body.

Aurora pulled myself towards the floor I crashed onto the hard wood beneath me. I instinctively covered my head and face, looking at the Demon in front of me through my fingers. She was no longer rational, insanely clawing at my arms with his sharp nails. She fought with herself, her head and body twitching like nothing I had seen before. Her eyes burned with indescribable pain, almost as if it was someone else controlling her.

"Die! Die! Die! You killed them! YOU KILLED MY ONLY FRIENDS!" She screamed as her shadows started to solidify, sliding towards my neck like black snakes. They squeezed on my trachea, causing me to choke and gag. Another sharp icicle of black and contorted into a dagger, diving towards my chest. I managed to hold onto it with all my strength. My hands pushed it to the side as I shook with effort. Aurora's breathing grew faster and faster until she roared, filling the room and the air around it.

"Why do undeserving brats always have a second chance?! Why can't it be me and them?! Why you!" She spat the last word in disgust, tears flowing from her eyes as she trembled in effort.

In that moment, I actually thought she going to kill me there.

"Please..." I choked, foam bubbling up my throat. My vision closed in, eyes rolling to he back of my head. I closed my eyes and, with all my might, commanded my light. The light within me glowed and warm light sliced into her cold shadows and trapped her wrists. She let out a scream, demonic voices echoing out of her throat. "What on Earth is she?!" I thought as I shook in terror, my legs shaking and almost giving up. She fought against the restraints, my light purposefully not harming her. I didn't want to hurt her.

"No! No! No... no... guys..."
Her pastel hair was covering her face as she sobbed in defeat. "How could she calm down like that? It's almost as if she is two different people." I thought as I approached her cautiously, rubbing my neck and coughing as I did so. "What's wrong, Aurora?" I whispered, tears of my own spilling down my cheeks. She wasn't just a princess, she was my friend. Friends need looking after, not matter how emotional or violent they could get. I released the light, Aurora keeping her hands to herself. "I d-don't know... I'm so fucking broken, Jay... I didn't want this..." She mumbled, chocking on her words as she brought her knees up to her face. "What are we going to do now?"
"We don't mention anything to anyone. Not even your father. We have other meetings arranged relating to the current situations."
"Of course we do."
"Where to?"
"All the Kingdoms, Aurora."
"Oh Gods..."
"We need to find out who commanded Melissa and Caleb."

"Is there anything else?" I whispered, resting my hand on her shoulder.


And then... in the smallest voice possible.
"Prince Kai..."
"Prince Kai..."
"Prince Kai of the Domitrian Empire? What is it about him?"

She sniffled and lifted her head to show her face. Her blue eyes glowed with vengeance within the shadows of her face.

"I know where he is."

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