Hello there...~Bucky Barnes Part. 1

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You loved dressing up. Not for anyone in particular, and it has nothing to do with impressing others or making yourself feel better. Just the feeling of getting ready and " feeling yourself" was fun. And when Tony decided to throw Bucky a birthday cocktail party, with a lot of jokes about his age first, you were very excited. Plus you and Buck are good friends, not as close as you are with Nat or he is with Stevie boy, but you would pick him over a lot of other people.

So after picking out a relatively new black dress and a pair of nude heels to match, you grab nice glittering diamonds. Keeping your makeup on the natural side, with a little golden eyeshadow you check over yourself again in the mirror.

" Crap my hair!" You rush over to your curling iron.


" Bucky, listen. She's your friend, she'll show up, Y/N loves parties too. She is bound to show up." Steve reassures Bucky, just as you sneak up behind them. A chance to scare to grown super soldiers? Yes, please.

" Boo!" You yell in between their heads, right in the ears.

" Ahhhhhhhhrarahe jkejke!" Bucky screams incoherently.

" HOLY GOD!" Steve yells as he jumps away.

" You're both a bunch of babies. I didn't scare you that bad," You say as you walk between them and then turn around once you get a few feet away. "That was just my way of saying hello there." You grin like a weasel. It was definitely fun.

" I might hurt you tonight." Bucky fake-growls.

" Uh hu, sure okay. Happy Birthday, James. Oh, hold on let me correct myself, Sargent James Buchanan Barnes, 90-year-old bad boy , and best friend to 90-year-old Hen-mother." Sometimes the sarcasm leeks from you as if it's actually dripping from your words. Still grinning, you do a little twirl. " Enjoy the view." You call back as you turn around and walk away.

" Where? My old man vision is lacking, I can't see anything!" Bucky shouts back while cupping his hands around his mouth.

" Haha." He can practically hear you saying this.

" Flirt." Natasha states from behind the men. "Happy Birthday. Have fun with those two tonight, Steve."

He looks as if he will say something but closes his mouth and just knowing smiles.

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